Lupe Fiasco - Winter Tones and Bright ContrastsMen, if you want to learn to choose the right colours for your skin tone, then you will want to read this article. Specifically we will discuss how to determine your skin tone and then choose colours that look good on you.

Most colour analysis refers to skin tones as seasons of the year: winter, spring, summer and autumn. If you had an analysis done, they would first determine your major season by noting your skin tone, your eye colour and your natural hair colour. You may also have a minor season because of the undertones of your skin. Let’s talk about the major seasons in this article.


Winter is considered a cool tone. The complexion may be porcelain white with rosy pink and blue undertones, a combination of yellow and olive, or it can be dark. Many African Americans and Asians are considered to be winter. People who are winter usually have dark hair with dark eyes. Pale blondes may also be winters.

The right colours for winters are rich and intense. Colours such as reds, hot pink, black and navy blue look the best on winters. Lighter colours for winters are yellows, pinks and cool blues. Earth tones are the worst colours for winters to wear. They should avoid beige, told and orange. They will look ashen and faded in earth tones.
David Beckham - Spring Tones need pale colours


Springs are considered a warm tone. Men of this skin tone have subtle gold undertones and peach or creamy white skin. They are usually extremely light ivory in colour. They usually have golden blond, strawberry blond or auburn hair. Springs usually have clear, light blue or green eyes. They also have rosy cheeks and freckles.

If you have trouble determining whether you are a spring or autumn, the difference is springs have the pale eyes and autumns have the dark eyes.

Best colours for spring are peach, camel, golden brown, golden yellow and aqua. They can also wear very well ivory, true reds, coral, clear blues and bright greens. Springs worst colours are black and white and any dull, dark colours.


Summer is also considered a cool skin tone with pink and blue undertones. Summer colouring occurs in natural blondes and some pale-skinned brunettes with light eyes.
Eminem - Summer Tones go well with bluesTo determine the difference in winter and summer, summers are usually natural blondes and winters are brunettes.

The best colours for summer are lavender, powder blue, mauve, dusty pink, pale yellow and plum. The worst colours for summer are black and white, earth tones and orange.


Autumn is the other warm tone. You can choose warm spicy colours such as olive, orange, camel, beige and dark brown. You can also choose to wear rich warm grey. Your worst colours are black and white and bright colours. Also stay away from all pastels and pale blues.

Many make up professionals and department stores offer colour analysis. If you cannot determine your colour season from this article, go find a professional who can help you.