Marc Anthony Pulling off a great chunky titanium braceletIf you would like to add a fashionable bracelet to your accessories, then you want to learn about the newest mens fashion trend in bracelets – tungsten and titanium. Specifically we will discuss what is tungsten and titanium and how to choose a tungsten and titanium bracelet for its style and price. After reading this article you should be able to select the right stylish bracelet at a price you can afford.

Men’s jewellery has come into its own. At one time there was very little men’s jewellery to choose from and the choices that were available were unimaginative with no sex appeal. Men and designers did not feel the need for men to accessorize with jewellery. Some men even felt it was not “manly” for a man to wear jewellery.

That trend has totally changed. Fashionable men now know that the right bracelet, watch, necklace or earring can pull a look together like nothing else can. Tungsten and titanium bracelets have become the piece of jewellery that every man of taste and style must have.

What makes tungsten and titanium wonderful choices for jewellery making? Not only do these metals provide the rugged good looks men crave, they are also strong and durable and are easy to design and shape into wonder jewellery pieces.

Titanium is best known for its use in the aerospace industry. Titanium was introduced as a jewellery material about ten years ago. Its growing popularity has prompted many jewellery designers and manufacturers to increase their creativity and production of jewellery pieces that includes this wonderful metal that has no active properties. Jewellery craftsmen are impressed with titanium’s strength, versatility and purity. Neither gold nor platinum can stand up to titanium.

Chunky Titanium Bracelets are low cost but brilliant accessoriesTungsten carbide has a history of industrial applications. Tungsten carbide is even stronger than titanium by four times and is twice the strength of steel. Only two things can damage tungsten carbide: a diamond cut or a very hard blow from a hammer. Men’s tungsten jewellery reflects the strength of this wonderful, versatile metal. The creativity of the jewellery made from tungsten adds style to every man’s wardrobe.

The men’s fashion industry has embraced these two metals as the best jewellery products for men’s bracelets, watches and rings. Titanium and tungsten have become every jewellery designer’s dream because of their rugged good looks and durability. They are nearly indestructible which active men love, but they also have a lustrous shine. Both metals are giving platinum some stiff competition because they are much more affordable.

While titanium and tungsten bracelets are attractive when only the metals are used in a design, they are even more attractive in combination with diamonds, platinum or gold. A titanium or tungsten bracelet will set you off as a trendy man with excellent taste.

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