Make sure you buy the right size!When shopping for yourself or if you’re a woman shopping for a man, it is important that you are familiar with men’s clothes sizes. They are very different from female’s clothing because they go by the actual measurements of the waist and legs. With women’s clothing, it gives a single number for these measurements to make things easier. So when shopping for a man, you have to know what size you are looking for. You can either pull the measurements of the person or you can look at the clothes he already owns. There is a number, such as 34 x 36, the first number is for the waist and the second is for the length of the legs.

If you are going to be shopping for clothes outside your country, you can get conversions of men’s clothes sizes. This will help you to find the men’s clothes sizes that you are looking for easily without any hassle. When shopping for men’s clothes, it is best to try them on anyway. So if you’re shopping for yourself, you should try them on before leaving the store, and if you are buying clothes for someone else, you should keep the tag and receipt until the individual tries on the jeans and see’s if they fit.

Converse or Timberlands? Know your man's personal style!Shopping for men’s shirts should be much easier because they have men’s clothes sizes of small, medium, large, X-Large, XX, XXX and higher. You can usually look at a shirt and tell if it can fit, but it’s usually good to go bigger, unless their style is to wear fitted clothing. You should be able to tell by either looking into his closet at his shirts. This will show you his sense of style and what types of shirts he would likely wear as well as how to pick the correct size for clothes.

Men’s clothes sizes aren’t the only measurements you should know about. You should pay close attention to head size in case you want to buy a hat. Shoe sizes are also important because sometimes you might want to buy a pair of shoes to go along with the clothes you purchase. Buying shoes for someone is another story, but you need to understand the man’s style. If he is into Air Force Ones and Timberlands, you might not want to buy Converses or Reeboks. Just be a savvy shopper and do your research on the guy you’ll be doing the shopping for, that way you can’t go wrong.