Andre 3000 - The master of unique mens fashion and colour co-ordinationIf you want to learn fashion basics for men because you don’t want to look out-of-style, but you also don’t want to look overtly trendy, then you need to read this article. Specifically we will discuss how knowing men’s fashion basics are a good foundation to build on. The basics never change, so if a man knows the basic styles of fashions, he will not go wrong.

What should you wear that won’t make you look outdated or out of touch with today’s fashions? Knowing fashion basics will solve the mystery. If you know the basics, you will perpetually look stylish and not have to worry about trends.

The first step in learning mens fashion is getting to know you. You are not concerned with all men, just you. So the first important thing to know is your colours. What colours look good on you? Are you blond and blue eyed, or have dark hair with dark eyes? Is your complexion fair or olive toned or are you a redhead with a ruddy complexion? You need to know which colours look best on you. You can have your colours professionally done or ask a friend (who you know will tell the truth!) or a stylist (any major department store) what colours would look best on you.

The second bit of information you need to know is your body measurements. If you know your measurements, you will buy clothes that will fit. Great fitting clothes go a long way in making you appear fashionable. Do not go by the size you would like to be; only choose clothes that fit without tightness or sloppiness.

An amazing website for finding colour palletesThe third step appears to be difficult for most men. Learn to coordinate, or match your pieces of clothing by colour and style. There are different ways to match hues of colours as well as shades of colours to achieve the look you want. A great site to inspire colour scheme’s is – Simply move the active color selectors and the main squares at the top show you which colours work well together and blend. It really is amazing how it puts colours together and will really improve your eye for matching fabric and colours together!

Coordinating patterns can also prove to be a challenge. Master this skill and you can look very stylish. Of course you know not to put flowers with plaids (or do you?). But a shadow pinstripe with plaid can work if the colours are in the same family hue. It is best to keep the pattern flow natural and relaxing.

You can put all of these ideas for men’s clothing together to create a style that is always in fashion. These men’s fashion basics will never let you down.