Adam Brody rocks the skinny suits well - Add layers to bulk up a small frame If you are a tall and skinny guy you don’t want to look funny in a suit. There are ways to add additional volume to your body when you choose the best suit to fit you right. Follow these Men’s Fashion tips for the best suit for your body type.

A tall and skinny frame can be difficult to dress and look right with Men’s Style. The best things you can do is use the heavier fabrics that add to your frame and make you look a little bigger than you are. If you use a light fabric you might notice it hangs from your body and makes you look even slimmer or even frail. A tweed or a wool is the best solution to adding pounds visually in a suit.

When you choose a Men’s Fashion suit and you are tall and skinny the best colors are the lighter colors. Grays, whites, khakis are all good colors to go with. Black and navy are bad choices because they will make you look thinner. Take advantage of the pounds the lighter colors add.

The button stance means everything for every body type according to Men’s Fashion tips. If you want to follow the right Men’s Style guide and you are tall and skinny be sure you choose a jacket with a high button stance. Three buttons are the best for tall men and they also are flattering on tall guys. The three buttons have height and length but is usually proportional to the body. Be sure the button stance is always closer to your solar plex and not your navel.

According to most Men Fashion tips a tall and skinny guy does not need to have a vent in the back of their suit coat. If you must have a vent be sure there is only one. Men who are skinny often don’t have a good hind end and this doesn’t want to be emphasized or seen for that matter. No vent is the best solution. No vent makes the back of a guy look fuller.

The best pants to choose for Men’s Fashion suits for a tall and skinny man are those with the regular rise. The last thing you want is to seem taller than you already are. A regular rise helps bring balance to the symmetry of your long torso and legs.

The best men’s fashion tips for a tall and skinny man to find the most flattering suit include choosing lighter colors, a high button stance, no vent in the jacket, and wearing regular rise pants.

Where to Buy a High Quality Suit Online

The great thing about buying suits online is that because you already have you measurements (you went and got measured right?!) you can guarantee that it will fit. It’s only a matter of finding the right quality of fabric and picking the right colours.

Here are a list of quality suit makers online. They are of the highest quality, have a range of colours and vary from tailor made to high quality off the shelf items:

  • Saville Row – One of the most recognised and fashionable tailors worldwide.
  • FORZIERI – High quality Italian tailors producing beautiful suits, shirts and ties for men.
  • Moss Bros – Well renowned London Tailor who provide a first class service and high quality products in the middle budget range.
  • NEXT – More budget suits and shirts, but large selection of colours, designs and ties and decent quality for price.