Lil Wayne Normally rocks the braids of dreads lookThere are tons of different men’s hairstyles that one can choose to have. Depending on your race and personal style will determine which type of hairstyle you’d want in your hair. For ethnic men, there are afros, braids, dreads and shaved. With the afro, it is easy to maintain, you just get it shaped up every now and then to keep it looking well rounded, and then just keep the edges shaped up. For those who are looking to have braids done, this can be done every one to two weeks. Just get it washed every time you get it braided; some people wash their hair while it’s still braided up to keep it clean until the next time it gets braided.

Dreads are pretty popular, but take a lot to maintain. First, you have to grow out your hair and then get it twisted. These then have to get re-twisted every so often to help them to lock. After a couple of months of growing and maintaining, there’s something you do to them called an interlock. This is when you twist two of the dreads together to complete the process. But even after this, you have to keep getting the new growth twisted to keep it looking neat. These men’s hairstyles are perfect for growing out your hair and once done, they are easy to maintain.

P.Diddy Keeps His Hair Always Looking Clean Cut and Shaved to PerfectionThe easiest of the men’s hairstyles to maintain is the close hair cut. You can get this done every so often – whenever you feel it’s getting to long. If you have hair that isn’t ethnic, you can possibly do braids and the dreads. Ponytails and the close cut are doable. With the haircuts, you can get designs cut into your head – such as the swirls, letters or any other one you can come up with.

The braids also allow you to be very flexible. You can get all types of braid designs, from corn rolls to single boxed braids. Temporary twists can also be placed into your head. It’s simple to keep men’s hairstyles up, as long as you have access to those that can do your hair. Just keep the appointments constant, so that you won’t have to go long without having your hairstyles updated. Make sure to ask your stylist how you can maintain the style meanwhile. You will want to keep cleaned, so make sure you know which shampoos and conditioners to use.