Orlando Bloom often sports surfer and leather necklacesIf you want to learn how to wear men’s necklaces as a mens fashion accessory, then you will want to read this article. Specifically we will discuss the different kinds of necklaces available to men and how to choose a necklace to complete and enhance an outfit.

Men’s jewellery has now become almost as important to the fashionable man as jewellery has always been to women. Many of today’s men prefer wearing a necklace over a necktie. Wearing necklaces spans the age range from little boys to the more sophisticated older man. The designs and materials put into men’s necklaces are also as varied as the men who wear them. You can find men’s necklaces made from gold, platinum, titanium and tungsten. Men are wearing these necklaces with pride.

There was a time not too long ago that men eschewed wearing a necklace. In fact, men’s jewellery was not very popular. Most men felt it was “unmanly” to wear jewellery. Men limited themselves to wearing a watch.

Now you see men “blinging” everywhere. The spiritual man may wear beaded necklaces, the body builder a choker. Younger men may wear chunky necklaces while the older sophisticated man may wear a more subtle silver necklace with a pendant. The variety and choices have expanded greatly in men’s necklaces. There is something for everyone.

Men are not the only ones who love wearing jewellery. A poll of women found 80% of them finding a man who wears jewellery “sexy”. Today’s men are much more fashion conscious. They understand that in order to pull an outfit together and give it a finishing touch, the right necklace is no longer a possibility, but a necessity.

Colin Farrell often finishes off outfits with a necklace

Suddenly sports stars have become the new trendsetters in men’s fashion especially when it comes to wearing jewellery. These high profile men are watched off the field as much as they are on the field. Everyone wants to know what a popular football player wears during his off time. Advertisers know this and are quick to show off their jewellery on the bodies of these super sport stars.

A man who wears a necklace shows that he is fashion conscious, he cares that his style makes a statement about him, and he pays attention to details. One of those details is wearing a necklace to pull his outfit together and make it uniquely his own style.