Make your Wardrobe work for You By thinking of what matchesIf you want to know how to make your wardrobe more versatile and stretch it to its capacity, then you will want to read this article. Specifically we will discuss how to buy your clothes so that you can mix and match them. After reading this article, you should be able to plan your wardrobe by shopping for clothes that can be mixed and matched together, thus expanding your wardrobe to its capacity.

The most important thing to remember when choosing your clothing is to buy clothes that are colour matched to your complexion. If you do not want to spend the money to have your colours done professionally, there is great information all over the Internet. It would be hard for you to get your colour season wrong by using these resources. Do not go by what you have always worn or liked. Get away from drab colours that do nothing for your good looks. You will find that your colours will bring out the best in you.

As you stay within your right colours, your clothing will be easier to mix and match. If you need a leaner look wear your tops and bottoms in the same or close to the same colour. If you need a little more visual weight, break up your colour scheme by wearing a lighter shirt with darker jeans.

Suits are popular again in men’s fashion and come in a wide variety of styles and colours. Of course you will need a basic black suit for more formal occasions, but after fulfilling that need, the sky is the limit. Just make sure that your suit fits you properly and is in your colour family.

Accessories are used to change the look of an outfit. You can switch shirts and ties with different pants or suits. You can wear a shirt and tie with a suit, a collarless shirt with a necklace, or a buttoned shirt with an open collar. All of these looks can give you the feel and look of having three different suits. Different shoes can also give you a casual look or a more business or formal look.

Men’s jewellery has become all the rage in the mens fashion world. Men now have a number of choices in jewellery that present an air of strong masculinity combined with elegance and sophistication. A necklace can be used instead of a tie. A silver or gold hoop earring can be worn with a more casual look while a diamond stud oozes elegance.

As you shop for new clothing items or accessories, always keep in mind the wardrobe you have at home. Make your purchases work at least twice as hard by buying a new item that will match with one or more items at home. Staying with your colours will help you tremendously. Find out what your colours are.