Kanye always is on point with his facial hairThere are certain things you might want to consider when it comes to shaving and getting the closest shave possible. You want to look great with Men’s Style and fashion but you don’t want to go to work with cuts on your face.

The most important thing you can do is use your razor properly when you shave. Men’s Style Guide would advise that you do not shave against the way your hair grows. Many men do this for a closer shave but it actually is the best way to cut yourself. It also increases your chances of developing ingrown hairs, cutting hair below the skin level and more. The whiskers will grow into the tissues surrounding the area instead of through the pore as they should. This can cause an infection in your pore. Always shave with the way your hair grows in on your face.

If you do want the closest shave possible to have the best Men’s Style and look you can without shaving against the way your hair grows. What you can do is use a barbers shave brush and apply more lather to your skin. Shaving a second time can help get the closest shave also. However, remember never to over shave because this can actually cause irritation because it can shave more than the top layer of skin.

Cleansing and soothing after you shave is important. Your skin is always vulnerable after you shave so you should use warm water to rinse with a face wash. The best face wash will allow you to adhere to Mens Style and not display any irritation or spots so it will include a mild antiseptic. The coolest water you can use for rinsing is the best. Always pat your face dry and never rub your face with the towel.

Aftershaves often have ingredients which can prevent the redness but cause dryness in your skin. To maintain proper Men’s Style means not to have dry skin. This means you must follow the aftershave with a moisturizer. Be sure it is not too greasy on the skin.