Silas Bearbrick 10th Anniversary Edition Here at FashionBeans we love anything fashionable and creative. It is not all about clothes, it’s about leading an overall stylish lifestyle. Collectable toys are perfect for adding some colour and art to any area (within your home or work place!). Silas make some of the coolest collectables on the planet as they team up with a variety of designers.

As part of their 10th Anniversary celebrations Silas have teamed up with Medicom to create their very own Be@rbrick toy. The 400% be@arbrick was designed by James Jarvis for Silas and features a blue head, flocked t-shirt and flocked jeans and has moveable arms and legs.

We absolutely love this "little" fella and everything about it oozes style and quality. It would look perfect on any worktop or desk and have people inquiring about it constantly! It’s available from Oki-ni and prices at a reasonable £59.00 . Remember this is a collectors edition so should gain value over time.

This Be@rbrick is 11” high and 5.5” at the widest point. More pictures in the full article
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Silas Bearbrick 10th Anniversary Edition