Baggy Pants are History!

Skinny Jeans are here to stay - Checkout the latest collectionHallelujah, people rejoice as the fashion days of the baggy trousers are behind us. Everyone from fashionistas to parents to anyone who doesn’t want to see men’s underwear exposed on the street is thrilled to see that skinny jeans are still a strong trend in men’s fashion.

These jeans show off a man’s assets in all the right ways and even better than that; they won’t fall down as you run to catch a bus. Of course, you may want to focus a little more on your ab routine to avoid gut overhang, but all in all this fashion trend is a real winner for both the men who wear it and anyone who would enjoy a great view of a man’s derriere.

All Saints do a great range of skiiny jeans and carrot shaped jeans from a price of only £55! Look for dark denim washes (see Right) throughout the winter period as they are very much “in” at the moment.

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And the Layers Have It

Layer t-shirts, cardigans and jackets this year to stay warm but look coolThese skinny jeans work perfectly with the other hot trend in men’s fashion this fall: Layering. A tightly fitted t-shirt worn with a patterned vest and then topped with a bulky cardigan makes a sexy up-to-date look that flatters a man’s body and is quite comfortable in the crisp winter air.

This look can have as many variations as there are men so it is easy for a man to don the latest trend without losing his personal flair. The key to this look is to put unusual patterns, colors and textures together in a color theme and layer skinnier smoother items under bulkier and more textured items.

Base Layers:Tight Tees, Vests, Polos etc.
Secondary Layers: Lightweight caridgans, grandad tops, tank tops/vests (knitwear version), casual shirts and hoodies.
Top Layers: Chunky cardigans, thick/chunky knitwear, lumberjack shirts, leather or nylon jackets and trench coats.

Obviously their are exceptions and you need to experiment with mixing and matching colours, textures and thickness of your clothes in order to find individual and unique looks that work for you. The above list though is a good place to start when trying to perfect your layers. Remember to start thin and build up on it.

Polishing it Off

Finish with a great pair of leather bootsA great pair of leather boots really finishes off this hot men’s fall trend along with just the right hairstyle. The look should be tousled, yet not scruffy. Other finishing touches would include interesting belts, purses or briefcases in distressed leather. Scarves also add uniqueness and a dash of bold color to the look. The days of throwing on a baggy pair of jeans and a t-shirt are gone and men need to put just a little more thought into their look these days, but with a little practice, some layers and the right accessories any guy can have the latest look.

Distressed leather boots look superb with this look and can again be found on the All Saints site. Prices start at £120 but should be looked at as a long term investment as they are so versatile and hard wearing.

Again all the items and looks we have featured today have been inspired by All Saints, who provide classic rock and vintage styles as well as quirky items for your collection. All at great high street prices.