We have been getting a lots of questions recently about men’s shoes so here are a few things that we thought might interest your feet…We are very, very pleased to bring you (in assocation with Oki-ni) a special selection of footwear that will rival all others.

First off we have exclusive images of the the very first collaboration from The Redwing Shoe Company with none other than New York based creative collective Nom de Guerre . We are especially excited about this one because apart from the Nom store in NYC Oki-ni are the only people on the internet you can get these special pieces from!

Next, we will feature work of a pair of Orange County based designers in the form of Creative Recreation’s ‘The Collection’. This is a premium Italian made line of ‘bourgeois sneakers’ constructed from the very best of materials- these ones have had much hype and we can vouch that they live up to their very good rep.

Nom De Guerre

The Redwing Shoe Company has co-branded a shoe for the very first time to produce the very special Nom de Guerre Trench Protection Boot. The shoe is the six inch Moc Toe Work Boot, made of waterproof, dark charcoal Nubuck; featuring Redwing’s classic white Traction Tred sole and Goodyear welt.

The Trench Protection Boot accents the main Nom De Guerre collection with its combination with its combination of American ingenuity, craftsmanship and history.

View the Nom De Guerre x Redwing Boot…

Nom De Guerre Exclusive Shoes

Creative Recreation

Founded in Orange County, California seven years ago – Creative Recreation is the work of designers Rich Cofinco and Robert Nand.

Designs are intended to bridge the gap between the comfort of a trainer and the smarter stylings of a dress shoe with inspirations taken from both world travel and personal everyday requirements of the design team. We have the super high end Italian line The Collection – an elite line consisting of 5 different styles including the Turino, Corrozzo and Porello. This line is made solely in Italy from luxury materials such as goat suede’s and calf leathers.

Striving to keep the brand as exclusive as possible, each colour and style in produced in runs as small as 90 pairs world wide – so the chances of seeing someone else rocking the same pair of shoes is highly unlikely. Constantly trying to revolutionise footwear style Creative Recreation continue to push the ‘bourgeois sneaker’.

View the Creative Recreation collection

Creative Recreation New Collection 2009 Creative Recreation New Collection 2009

Creative Recreation New Collection 2009 Creative Recreation New Collection 2009