All Saints Men's Summer Beachwear

My weekly visit to All Saints this weekend meant that I got to check out their new summer beachwear for males. As my holidays are now only a month away, I have to start thinking about what I’m going to be rocking on the beach and around the pool this year. For men you need to just keep it simple; a good pair of swim shorts or board shorts is a must (medium/long length), a pair of smaller trunks if your confident enough can be worn underneath for when you want to get that perfect tan, and then add some vests, flip flops/sandals and a cool pair of sunglasses.

Luckily for us, All Saints literally do all the gear you would need this year and today we are going to show you some of their best items. I will keep this story short and sweet for today and just get straight into the action because I have a massive summer essentials guide I am in the middle of writing which is coming out next week. So just take a look at the full story and get your beach wardrobe up to date. You will be thanking me for it when your looking cool as f*ck this summer whilst all the other little boys are running round in their Nike swimming trunks! Remember you can be fashionable and ooze style at any occasion or event. Just because you want to be comfortable on the beach doesn’t mean you can’t do it with some flair.

All Saints Summer Beachwear

Board Shorts

All Saints Board Shorts All Saints Board Shorts

Medium Swim Shorts

All Saints Medium Swim Shorts All Saints Medium Swim Shorts


All Saints Vests All Saints Vests


All Saints Sunglasses All Saints Sunglasses


All Saints Footwear All Saints Footwear

All Saints Footwear All Saints Footwear


All Saints Accessories All Saints Accessories