APC New Collection
That is rather inappropriate Mrs. Nettey

So Its coming to that time, we are wrapping up, in more ways than one, our streets have become a little enchanted with lights and frenzied shoppers and soon we will be sliding down the road in our leather soled brogues. Hand in hand with our favourite festive, reindeer jumper wearing holiday is the wonderful and always rather awkward Christmas party. How does one act in such a situation, hopefully you haven’t accepted your boss on facebook, so lets keep the professional perception strong within a casual environment. So on to the point Gentlemen, what does one wear to such an event? Well, fantastic news, as always I’m here to offer some sartorial advice. The primary objective should be to create a casual and elegant look. You should try and dress differently than you would in an office environment. Unbeatable sophisticated causal style will always make the difference as most people make their minds up with in seconds of meeting you, so your want to get it right.

So where does one start to create this look? One company that I feel have the perfect attitude for the man who needs a little bit of smart casual in his drink, that is APC. Mixing wonderful checked oxford shirts, dark well cut denim and tailored informal blazers. The pieces are beautifully constructed; they are real clothes for real men, the perfect weekend wear. During the winter it is often quite easy to see the colour drain from your wardrobe, so choose some bright pieces carefully, be it a cardigan or pair of eccentric socks.

Perhaps you would like to know a little bit about the brand. APC stands for Atelier de Production et de Crèation. In the our mother tongue translating to the creation and production of clothing. As many of the most successful people in fashion industry, the founder apparently had no ambition to work within the rag trade. It is one thing I’m sure you have heard Mr. Smith or Mrs. Westwood utter. APC was founded by Jean Touitou and decided to open his line in 1987. So why have I chosen this for brand as a foundation for your casual Christmas adventures. My advice is to get out of the white shirts and navy suits and into the Cotton checked shirts, lightweight knits and chinos. APC are very well known for their classical designs with a little bit of a twist. You can still look rather dapper with very well cut casual clothes; it’s all about the individual pieces.

My favourite item of their current collection is the tailored bomber jacket seen below. It seems to be very versatile and timeless solely for the reason that it can be worn in business and informal situations. Perfect with quality tailored denim and perhaps layered with a check shirt, which is a very popular trend. One last note, Layering makes all the difference.

So good luck with your Christmas gatherings, Lets remember that your lovely boss is going to create a perception of your social life through one small get together. So lets get a head start, get informal…

APC New Collection

The new APC collection is superb and the shirts in particular are constructed beautifully whilst still being bang on trend. If you are looking for something different to the All Saints, G-Star and Diesels of the world then look no further. Yes you may be paying a little extra, but it shines through in the quality. The tailored jackets are all beautiful and really touch on the whole English gentleman vibe, so if you want an investment piece for the wardrobe then they have you covered. Also look for the trousers and denim as they do some beautiful colour ways that are not your “standard” denim; bold blues, beautiful grey contrasts and deep blacks are all highlights. Take a look below…

Washed Petit Standard Jeans Navy Check Straight Fit Flannel Shirt Navy Lumberjack Check Shirt

Black Melton Bomber Jacket Dark Grey Speckled Knit Cardigan Grey Stripe Military Epaulet Slim Shirt

Black Wool Cashmere Cropped Peacoat Fawn Wool Melton Coat Washed Black Slim Jean

Blue Light Chambray Shirt Navy and White Striped Crew Knit Charcoal Check Straight Fit Flannel Shirt


APC   1M0197-15342H Blueblack Jacket APC    3LD073-36088H Denim Blue Cardigan APC   1C0404-13368H Navy Shirt

APC    2LID00-24775H Ecru T-shirt APC   New Standard Indigo Jeans APC   1MO199-12337H Charcoal Grey Trousers

Until next week…

Christian Kimber

Personal Profile: Christian Kimber is the niche of the fashion industry currently working in buying in London. His life is based on the pursuit of style and with an entrepreneurial tendency we simply wait to see what he comes out with, I heard he is opening his own store in the near future, but that didn’t come from me. He is based in London and writes a lifestyle blog available at: www.kimberstyle.com