Aquascutum - King of the Raincoat
Dear god darling, where is my raincoat?

Walking to work in London with out an umbrella is always a mistake, in which case how does one stay dry. What does the fashion conscious gentleman do in such a situation? I have the answer, and Its Aquascutum. The king of raincoats. I have no personal affiliation with our favorite waterproof company, but I am simply a fan or style, and Aquascutum have been getting this right since 1851. Their pieces are made in England with a wonderful attention to detail, craftsmanship and authenticity. So if I was to invest in a Mac, or a funnel raincoat, there is only one place you might see me wandering along to. They are focused on solving the perennial fashion problem of how to look stylish while staying dry, and I believe that they are masters of their craft.

So on to the collection. There are currently two sides to their menswear; Aquascutum LTD, which oozes an edge of 60’s style and Mad Men Sophistication. The pieces include simple sharp tailoring and exquisite simplicity, which I imagine Mr. Kline might be interested in. Their other offering is Aquascutum London, mixing British style with understated elegance. This collection is more in keeping with the 21st century man, who is not afraid to wear a colorful Mac, get his nails done and take a conscious interest in his fashion Amory. They appeal to the sartorial, to the people who notice the details. My life seems to be based loosely around the pursuit of style; therefore choosing a raincoat is very important issue. I am realizing that most trends getting a little smarter, with a focus on tailoring. Most fashion houses associated with business elegance are becoming more informal, people are dressing better at the weekends let just say.

So how to wear them; there is no one way you (men) should wear a raincoat. They were originally used by the military for the rain protection but now perhaps used to just look rather dashing, there is a small essence of business smartness about them. The strict tailoring with our conditioned Casablanca perspective makes one think they should only be worn over a suit. I tend to disagree, I think they are versatile in the fact that they are can be worn in casual and business environments. They look brilliant with a white t-shirt, jeans and tanned loafers for the Steve McQueen fans out there or perhaps with oxford shirts and chinos. In contrary to this they can act as a replacement of a suit jacket during the summer as most have removable interiors. So my point gentlemen, they are an investment that will fit into your wardrobe effortlessly, they are quintessentially British and with a wonderful heritage there is no argument.

My personal favourite piece of the season is the funnel raincoat (red version – shown in the collection below). There are two reasons this is my favourite, the first is the color selection available. One thing you might notice walking through London in the monotonous blacks and greys. Success is standing out not fitting in, and with that in mind this raincoat is the perfect catalyst – I’m not saying this jacket will get you a girlfriend – but it will most definitely make you stand out in the crowd. The second is the beautifully tailored collar, which I imagine has one use; to protect your neck, but it just looks rather cool.

So next time you are getting wet in the rain, and that cashmere scarf the Mrs. got you for Christmas is getting ruined, perhaps you will think of me, and then I hope you think Aquascutum.

Aquascutum Raincoat Collection

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Leightweight mac Lightweight trench Lightweight trench

Single breasted mac Single breasted mac Lightweight trench

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Christian Kimber

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