AskMen - The Great Male Survey 2009 got in touch with us recently to ask us to partner with them in their GREAT MALE SURVEY 2009. I agreed because I think it is important to see how the attitudes and opinions of males has changed over the years. Plus it helps me keep in touch with my audience and see exactly what interests you and what I can write about in the future.

They have already asked the UK population about dating & sex and the lifestyle of the British male. Now they are concentrating on Men in 2009 which relates to your everyday life, opinions and knowledge you have. It includes questions such as “How often do you shave?” and “Are you proud to be British?”. I have taken the test in full and will be doing a full write up of some of the noticeable trends once the results come out at the end of July. I will specifically concentrate on the men’s fashion, lifestyle and grooming sections as I can relate to these and offer advice.

I think it will probably reinforce the fact that although attitudes towards fashion and grooming are changing in males, we are still in the minority of men who want to be something more than just “average”. That is why I created this site, and that is also why you read it… because we all want to stand out and have a unique style that is attractive to other people.

So for you to take part you can either use the widget I have put in this story to give a simple sample answer, or go to this page and do the whole survey. It will not take long and it should give us a great insight into the world of men’s styles, fashion and opinions. Check back on FashionBeans for a full write up of the results as well at the end of July!

The Great Male Survey 2009