Kanye West in Double Denim

Over the last couple of weeks I have been seeing more and more pictures of Kanye West wearing (and rocking I have to say) double denim outfits! Now for those that are too young to remember, this used to be a very popular men’s fashion trend for maybe your Dad in the 90’s and cowboys the world over. I would like to add that maybe when I was a bit younger I used to wear the old denim jacket with a pair of jeans – and looking back, thoroughly regretted it!

However, now-a-days I think it is a very real possibility that you can carry off this look. This is because there are so many different types of denim, colours and washes around now, meaning your not stuck with double denim outfit that is exactly the same colour – THIS IS A FASHION NO NO. I will repeat myself to make this clear… DO NOT wear denim jeans and a denim jacket/shirt which are the same colour or wash. This will definitely make you look like your Dad and like you know nothing about mens fashion.

The way I would recommend wearing it is a nice dark wash pair of jeans with a lighter denim wash for your top half. You can wear a denim jacket or denim shirt depending on your preference, but please never do triple denim, I can’t even fathom that combination out in my brain! Break up the outfit with layers, so if your rocking the jacket then have a plain/graphic T-shirt underneath, with a lightweight cardigan or knitwear. If your rocking the shirt, a plain tee underneath with the denim sleeves rolled should break the outfit up sufficiently and provide two blocks of denim that don’t merge into one. Contrast is the key to wearing this well.

The great thing about styles that not everyone is confident wearing is that you will definitely stand out. If you follow what I say above you come across as a stylish man because you know how to make it work. If you wear the same colour denim, you look like your stuck in the 90’s and a fashion idiot. Style is all about the details and even the subtlest differences can make or break your look and give off a totally different vibe.

I have found a few nice denim jackets and shirts which you can buy below, I will not bother with the jeans this time because you can pick up a pair of dark jeans nearly everywhere you go.

Double Denim Fashion Trend

Looking at the photo above you can see how they both got it right. Fallout boy went for the really dark denim on his lower half with black accessories breaking up the split and outfit as a whole. Kanye went the other way with a really light lower half and darker top denim jacket – again he breaks up the look with a contrasting oversized grey t-shirt which breaks up the two denim layers. Remember to mix your denim washes and layer up people!

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