Elvis Jesus Clothing - New Season

This post was inspired by a little conversation Seb and I had the other day in the comments beneath the photo print T-shirt article. There are a few brands who I literally can’t wait for new releases each and every season just because I am excited to see what they come up with next. Elvis Jesus over the last 2 years have definitely been one of these for me, and they have just released a small new collection of Autumn/Winter items that I am going to show you today.

Here is some basic brand history to get you all acquainted:

“Elvis Jesus was established in 1997 as an a extremely niche womenswear brand stocking a few key accounts globally. They relaunched the brand in 2005 with a new personality and a focus on menswear with a collection based on new & interesting detailing, graphics with a twist of clever messages. The Brand holds a tight distribution policy and is something that is very important to the overall company. Immediately picked up by powerhouses such as Harvey Nichols, Flannels and Cruise, not to mention a number of hi end independents in the UK, Elvis Jesus continues its journey to stardom internationally.”

I think the key to this message is they do not want this to become a commercial brand. They only supply hi-end stores and niche independent shops within the UK for good reason – to keep their garments exclusive. Once you see some of the collection below you will also realise how extraordinary the detailing and graphics are on each piece. They really go to town in creating great graphic printed clothing but with quirky embellishing using hand sewn stitching and sequins.

The collection is great for picking up casual pieces that will get you noticed. These are definitely statement items, and once you see them you will know what I mean! Some of them can be a bit “too” much for my personal taste, but you will never be let down in quality or attention to detail with this brand. There are some more subtle items each season which I have to get my hands on because they are just quality fashion pieces… in fact whilst writing this article I have just spent £300 on 2 hoodies from their latest range! It’s dangerous for me to browse the Internet each morning I think. :)

Prices are slightly higher than your average T-shirt brand, but like I have mentioned they are an exclusive high-end designer that pays true attention to quality and creativity. Many celebrities have been found wearing this brand over the last few years – not all fashionable I must add – and it seems to have really gathered steam within the men’s fashion focused crowd. These have gotten a bit of a cult following but I guarantee you that you will never regularly see another male wearing the brand within your local city… especially if you are outside London. I like this form of exclusivity and each time I create a casual outfit I know I can count on Elvis Jesus to add some flair just by throwing it on.

check out the new collections below…

Elvis Jesus Clothing

Due to the fact they are exclusive and hand pick retailers, there is only a few I can feature today. Most of the new range is below however, so take a look through and see if anything appeals. I have added multiple pictures on some to show you the type of detailing you can expect.


Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus T-Shirt

Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus T-Shirt

Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus T-Shirt


Elvis Jesus Cardigan Elvis Jesus Top Elvis Jesus Top


Elvis Jesus Hoody Elvis Jesus Hoodies Elvis Jesus Hoodie

Elvis Jesus Hoody Elvis Jesus Hoodie

Elvis Jesus Hoody Elvis Jesus Hoodie