Continuing on from last week, we have 2 more mens fashion predictions for 2009. We are hoping to catch the trends before they actually start in order to stay ahead of the game and be individual.

Our next 2 predictions are as follows…

  • Backpacks are Back!
  • Harrington Jackets are Perfect for Spring
Backpacks are Back!

Yeah we reckon, and you heard us right… Ditch the messenger bag now please. Backpacks are back in a variety of designs and colours this season and to be honest im pleased. The messenger bag is overused now and there are so many cheap knock off versions at the budget stores that we need to change it. Backpacks aren’t just for 14 year olds and can look VERY fashionable. Make sure you wear both straps to make a point that you are indeed now rocking the backpack again and proud of it!

Look for new season bright colours and plenty of space. Check these out below:

Gregory Back Pack Raf Eastpack New Backpack

Harrington Jackets are Perfect for Spring

Short sporty Harrington Jackets are perfect for spring. Along with the lightweight nylon windbreakers we discussed last week, these are going to be big this spring/summer. Short jackets with cuffed waistbands and sleeves look great with multiple layers of different lengths.

check out some of the great examples below…

Fred Perry Harrington Jacket Fred Perry Harrington Jacket