Fred Perry and Peter Jensen Spring Summer

We have been hearing about it for a long time but we have now seen (and can buy!) the new collection from the joint minds of Fred Perry and Peter Jensen. Teaming up for their third season of collaborative work, London based Danish designer Peter Jensen and our quintessential British label Fred Perry Clothing take a spin on their classic Harrington jacket for the upcoming 2009 spring/summer lineup. The duo have develop three new versions including a red and black colorway alongside a distinct gingham piece all featuring the iconic laurel wreath embroidery.

There has been a lot of talk about this collaboration because quite a few traditionalists did not want a new “funky” spin on the original Harrington which Fred Perry is know around the world for. If you read our post on the up and coming fashion trends for 2009, you will know that the Harrington is definately back with a vengance and it is going to be an essential part of any man’s wardrobe this year. Fred Perry are the MASTERS of the Harrington and we think these new pieces are definate purchases for anyone who is interested in mens fashion.

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Fred Perry and Peter Jensen Collaboration

Fred Perry and Peter Jensen Spring Summer

Collaborating for a third time with Fred Perry for their prestigious Blank Canvas capsule collection is Danish designer Peter Jensen. The resounding success of Jensen’s previous Blank Canvas collaborations for both men and women has led him to rework argueably the most iconic piece of Fred Perry’s heritage, the Harrington jacket.

Jensen’s signature eye for detail and design is evident; proportion is subtly altered and new fabrics and colourways are introduced to breathe new life into the instantly recognisable silhouettes of Fred Perry’s designs. The size of the collar and cuffs has increased while the depth of waist and wrist rib is smaller than a classic Harrington. Jackets are ultra slim fit and the laurel is enlarged.

View the Peter Jensen For Fred Perry collection.

Fred Perry and Peter Jensen Spring Summer
Fred Perry and Peter Jensen Spring SummerFred Perry and Peter Jensen Spring Summer