Hot New Releases and Men's Fashion News

This is kind of like my picks this week, but I am going to do it a little different. I am going to show a few of the great pieces that have been released this week, but maybe concentrate on a few specific areas as well (like a great product or exciting release) a little bit like the fashion news I guess. So imagine me sitting behind my reporters desk as I take you on a tour of what has been happening this week and see what trends are really picking up steam.

I hope you like it… what I am doing is trying to appeal to everyone’s tastes. A lot of people thought each week with the fashion picks I was only picking things I liked, where as I was trying to get a good range of shops and trends in them so that there would be something that catches everyone’s eye. Sometimes I don’t agree with every item I put in my picks, but another person obviously has a much different personal style to me and would really take to it. The trials and tribulations of being a fashion writer hey?!

So let’s get this show on the road.

Marithe Francois Girbaud Leather Jacket

The guys at BaggaMenswear saw I was doing a lot on leather jackets this week and decided to put a product on their site early in order to show me the beauty of it. Below are pictures of the new Marithe Francois Girbaud Leather Jacket, which is truly awesome. It should be because it comes at a price of £1,899… yes you read that correctly! Obviously not within everyone’s price range but this is an EXCLUSIVE product for those wealthy people who love their fashion.

It is known as the WEAR A BAG limited edition because this leather jacket can actually be folded into a bag and carried around over your shoulder when you are not wearing it! Not only that, it is completely reversible into a bomber jacket which appears from the pictures to be nylon. Either way, it looks amazing which ever way you wear it, and I have been told that it is some of the softest and most beautiful leather you will ever see and touch.

Marithe Francois Girbaud Leather Jacket Marithe Francois Girbaud Leather Jacket

Marithe Francois Girbaud Leather Jacket Marithe Francois Girbaud Leather Jacket

Design pieces like this really impress me. The pictures I am sure will not even do it justice, but the creativity that would go into a design like this is inspiring for any other designer out there. Men’s fashion is getting better each and every season and we need more unique products like this on the market. If any of you buy this or are considering buying this I would love to know and get pictures etc. I would snap one up today if I had the cash!

All Saints

Going to be honest – I love all their stuff but they aren’t releasing enough new styles for me at the moment, especially online. The 3 items below are my favourites from the new releases, but I am looking for more from them soon. That red hooded check shirt I think has been an amazing seller and I completely love it for this season – they literally have one left in a size Large so hopefully one of you lucky lot will be the one to snatch it up! Team it with the leather next to it and you have a great look for Autumn/Winter, as I showed a similar look in yesterday’s post.

Alaska Hooded Shirt Meuse Leather Jacket Defend Pea Coat

Urban Outfitters

These have started stocking some great new high fashion and premium designer collections recently. Their latest additions have been from Acne Jeans, who make some great fashion forward pieces. I have showcased a selection of the new ACNE range below as well as some great new Junk de Luxe pieces – which maybe a brand a few of you haven’t heard of before. They make classic items in classic colours but with an added twist to each garment, that sets them apart and can really add something to an outfit.

Acne Jeans Pop Saddle Rinse Denim Shirt Acne Jeans Pop Base Re/Blue Check Shirt Acne Jeans Pop Zip Lambswool Knit

Acne Jeans St.Martins Tweed Blazer Junk De Luxe Hadley Coat Junk De Luxe Pitt Polo Shawl Sweater

Junk De Luxe Hest Leather Jacket Junk De Luxe Ben Sweater Junk De Luxe Ryder Tie Plain Shirt

Topman New Trend

Topman have released a new trend collection inspired by the social and working men’s clubs in England. The main picture at the top of this post actually comes straight from their look book to give you an idea of what we are talking about:
“The new latest trend brings work wear styling straight to the fashion forefront this Season.
Get the look: Loose overcoats are paired with bleached denims and blouson sweats. Cardigans and polo shirts are also key items to the wardrobe – Don’t forget to add a tweed scarf or baker boy hat to finish off the look.”

I will do a full write up sometime this week with picks from all over the web, but for now I have created one of the outfits for you below.




Continue to release more and more stuff each week that scares me and my bank manager probably! At least I am helping out in the recession. Have some more great news in that I have contributed to their new men’s style guide, so that will be live soon on site and in hard copy magazines which will go out to regular customers. I give 5-6 top tips on how to build a timeless wardrobe with classic items. So thanks to all the team there who let me help out! Below are some new (this week) Farah releases which are amazing examples of the chunky knitwear trend for this season.

Henry Cable Knit Cardigan Watson Purple and Grey Patterned V Neck Peter Grey Shawl Collar Cardigan

Fairfax Navy Fairisle Cardigan Peter Beige Shawl Collar Cardigan Fairfax Purple Fairisle Cardigan

New Balance Trainers

New Balance have come back and released some of their greatest trainers to date. They are a true old school brand who my Dad used to convince me when I was younger that you couldn’t get better! So I was rolling round in New Balance instead of Nike about ten years ahead of my time. Some amazing new colourways and Oki-Ni and Urban Outfitters have got a large selection in stock. Check some of them out below.

New Balance Trainers New Balance Trainers New Balance Trainers

New Balance Trainers New Balance Trainers New Balance Trainers