Mens Military Fashion Items

We have featured the statement jacket, the essential mac and the long overcoat so far within our Autumn/Winter preview. Now we have another trend which is so hot right now and will probably be one of the biggest trends for the rest of the year… Military! The Military trend has been around in shapes and forms each and every year recently. It is a great trend that I personally love – the square cuts, the formality, clean lines and double breasted button ups really add smart style to any look.

This year the trend has come around quicker, and it was all over the cat walks earlier in the year. Prada, D&G and Burberry all championed the trend within their collection previews and now the high street and mainstream brands have really got behind it. Military doesn’t just have to be jackets however; military style shirts can look particularly good with epaulettes shoulder detailing and really crisp cuts/silhouettes.

Military boots are also a great item which just totally convey a manly aura whilst being practical and built to last. They work really well against skinny jeans which have a more effeminate vibe around them. Throw on your military shirt, skinny jeans and tuck them into you big work boots. This massive contrast in styles will make you stand out and work well all the way through autumn/winter.

Monochrome colours are a very good idea for military items, as they come across more formal and sharp – which is what the military is all about. White shirts and black jackets are perfect, whilst green and brown khakis colours give off the whole field/camouflage vibe. When trying to find military items look for exposed zips, epaulettes, extra pockets, square cuts and bright/multiple buttons.

Take a look at some of the early Military drops below and get one of these in your wardrobe quick soldier!

Military Fashion Pieces

Matches and Milan Clothing
Both have some great Military pieces in already but this will only grow as the season gets nearer because all the premium designers will definitely be right behind this trend this year. Check out some of the gorgeous jackets and shirts below by designers like John Varvatos, D&G and Victorinox.

dolce & gabbana john varvatos rag and bone

Victorinox Jacket Luke 1977 Shirt Matinique Shirt

All Saints
They are doing some great military style jackets at the moment within the new collections. I expect we will see a lot more military style shirts as the season progresses and we have more drops released.

Echo Jacket Stockwell Lazarus Jacket

Seibu Jacket Stockwell Coat

Grey Military Jacket Military Boot - Men

Dorian Shirt Amhurst Shirt

Jersey Bose Shirt Marine Shirt



G-Star Marker Desert Shirt All-Son Military Shirt