Good Examples of tieing a natural looking tie

Before you wear a tie you should consider if you want a thick tie or a narrow tie. The two most common types of tying a knot are called the four in hand or the Windsor. Knowing the two ways to properly tie them will be helpful for you for proper Mens Fashion.

The Four in Hand knot is a narrow knot that is discreet and asymmetrical. According to this Mens Style Guide this is the best tie for a standard button down dress shirt. This knot is easy to tie when you use a tie that is made of heavy and wide fabric. When considering Men’s Style anyone can wear this type of knot. It looks best on a man with a short neck rather than a long and narrow neck.

With the influence of music being heavily featured in fashion (skinny jeans and ties etc.) The time is right to ditch the wide knot. A lot of people look up to professional footballers and these are responsible for those horrible wide knots you see on a lot of men these days. They scream of over compensation for their own egos and fashion failures. Please don’t look up to these people for fashion tips. For every David Beckham there is a Stephen Ireland, Djibril Cisse or Jermaine Defoe! Your tie should always look natural (like you tied a tie dummy!) and even slightly scruffy/uneven. If you want an example of people who do it right, look to the movie stars – George Clooney and Brad Pitt just know how to rock a suit – and you don’t see them wearing knots as wide as their own neck.

When you tie the Four in Hand knot choose the tie you want to use and stand in front of a mirror. Pull the tie around your neck and hold the two ends in front of you. The wide end of the tie should extend lower than the narrow end of the tie about 12 inches. Cross the wide end of the tie over the narrow end. Then turn the wide end of the tie underneath the narrow end and bring the wide end over the narrow end again. You will pull the wide end of the tie up and through a loop around your neck holding the knot with your index finger. You will bring the wide end of the tie down and through the front of the knot, removing your finger and tightening carefully.

The Windsor knot is known as the easiest knot to tie when you put a tie on. Choose your tie and stand in front of a mirror to make sure you get it right. Always extend the wide and of the tie 12 inches lower than the narrow end of the tie and cross the wide end over the narrow end. You will then bring the wide end up and through the loop from your collar and tie and back down as you pull the wide end underneath the narrow end. Then you will pull the wide end to the right and back through the loop, to the right again, which will actually place the wide end inside out. From the right to the left bring the wide end across the front and pull it through the loop again and down through the loop. As you bring the wide end down through the knot you will carefully tighten and have a great look.