How to Wear Coloured Jeans

Yesterday I may have opened your eyes to a new item of clothing that you now love… OR you still need some more convincing. That’s fine, I am here to help as normal :). Today I am going to throw together 3 outfits using 3 different shades of coloured jeans I featured yesterday. The colours I will use are: bold blue so we can ease into the new style, a bright red and a bright yellow.

This look is bold and eccentric, it really makes a statement all on it’s own because it is normally your top half that stands out more. In these examples we take basic fashion principles and just rearrange them. So if your bottom half is bright and colourful, what should your top half be like? You guessed correctly because you top half should definitely use more muted shades that contrast the bottom half, not more excessive colours making you look like a children’s TV presenter on CBeebies!

As this article is going to be long anyway with all the product selections, let’s just get right into it.

How To Wear Coloured Jeans

First Outfit – Blue Jeans
These bright blue jeans are a gorgeous colour that would not be such a drastic step away from normal denim. You can ease your way in with these and really make a statement at the same time. What I have done is played on the whole artist/creative type all the way through here so you are going to find a lot of borderline geeky pieces and right up to date trend items.

Firstly we need to tone done the rest of our items, so the key is to go for whites, blacks, greys and generally more monochrome colour ways that will really set the outfit off nicely. As you can see, keep it really simple with the plain white t-shirt, either in a v-neck or scoop neck (artist/artsy theme), then throw on some cool futuristic hi-tops and tuck your jeans into the boot. Most of these jeans I previewed come in a skinny or super skinny fit, so this would be a great look even if you went for leather boots. Lastly, go for a funky pair of tortoise shell wayfarer sunglasses or clear frames, as it brings in another eccentric pattern but keeps the “on trend” vibe and is a really subtle extra, not another “look at me piece”.

Additional extra’s could be a piece of grey knitwear over the t-shirt, or a lightweight jacket. Another accessory to consider is a watch which matches your t-shirt colour or alternatively, a yellow/red watch would really contrast well against the bright blue jeans.


Christian Peau Washed Leather sneaker Boot Demi Brown Lens Sunglasses

Analog Red Watch Twin Tipped Cotton Cardigan

Second Outfit – Yellow Jeans
Yellow jeans are a bright and bold statement, which means the rest of your outfit definitely needs to be played down. A great way of doing this would be a white t-shirt which is either plain or with a subtle graphic print. Throw on some great leather work boots and again tuck the jeans into the boots. This gives the outfit more proportion colour wise and means even less jeans are exposed. Black or brown is a great contrasting colour against yellow so some real quality leather boots are a must for this.

The accessories we go for this time really pushes out the artsy vibe – rosary beads, clear framed glasses/sunglasses and a lightweight plain scarf really just tie it all together. If you can get black framed glasses then it will match the contrasting footwear and really go well not only against the yellow but also the t-shirt.

With yellow you can sub in a dark blue t-shirt (with brown boots) or go for a black/dark grey against a black pair. Both colour combinations look great, and yellow is a real trend right now in men’s fashion. If you wanted to layer up you could go with a hooded sweater or traditional hoody in a navy colour which I think would work very well.


Peoples Market White Edway Print T-Shirt with Scarf Military Boot - Men


Third Outfit – Red Jeans
These are one of my favourite colour ways in the jeans because they really are so “out there”. Red is one of my favourite colours anyway, so this bold statement piece I want to make work for everyone. This time we will not keep the look so basic, throwing on a check shirt with red detailing through it, whilst the rest stays quite monochrome (white checks). This may seem dangerous but if you look at the pictures at the very bottom of this post then you can see it can be pulled off. Plus what I would then do is throw on a lovely grey knit cardigan buttoned right up to the top.

This gives of that geek chic vibe, whilst neutralising the mixture of colours near where the jeans lie. The red check looks great underneath coming out the top of the cardigan, and keeps the flow of colour throughout the whole piece. You can even throw a black jacket on over the top of this combination which would be perfect for the Autumn/Winter season.

For shoes, keep it plain and simple with either a white or black pair of low canvas trainers. I have featured a lot of these recently so it should be easy to pick a pair you like. I particularly think the Superga mid cut white pair would look sublime – not too low but also just high enough to push the skinny fit jeans up slightly. Don’t be afraid to give the jeans a bit of a roll or turn up in the summer and just throw a nice low cut pair of canvas trainers on.


Koto Shawl Neck Cardigan Stockwell Lazarus Jacket

Superga Cotu Cut Boot

Some Example’s From People’s Market Look Book

People's Market Look Book Men

So there you go, an interesting and (I hope you agree) easy to pull off look. It will really set you apart from the rest of the crowd, so take the plunge today!