Men's Black Watches

Mos Def - Cool as F*ck rocking a Black WatchI touched on this subject briefly when I was putting together the article about how to wear shorts. I have seen an increasing amount of new watches coming out for men which are purely black. I love this new style and have had a black iodised metal watch for a couple of years now when Police introduced them into their range a few years ago. The reason I do like this style so much is because I think it offers a smart and manly look with the metal bracelet and dial, but then it has more of a fashion edge and coordination options being black in colour.

These watches can be worn with formal wear like you would a “statement” watch, or just mixed into your casual wardrobe and thrown on everyday. Check out Mos Def to the right rocking the Black on Black Nixon watch in a recent ad campaign. Their are a variety of styles available, with square faces, large black dials and LED faces as well. I would recommend adding one of these great items to your collection today. You don’t have to spend the Earth, because unlike traditional stainless steel versions, I think the difference between a low price and high priced (£500+) model is not as distinguishable when it is totally black.

Take a look at a few picks I have seen over the last few weeks in the full post. There are so many out there at the moment it has become a bit of an undiscovered “trend”. I say that because I hardly ever see other males rocking them when I am out and I get a lot of compliments on mine everywhere I go. Over here in the UK I have not seen such a large collection of great styles ever.

Men’s Black Watches

These are generally either black stainless steel or iodised metal versions. Leather versions are available, but I think these particular versions have never been around in such good supply before and they look really smart with black on black. Most of these come in just over £100 but lower than £200. This is definitely not a big investment for something that will last a long time and get continued use.

Nixon A060-1001 The Banks All Black Bracelet Watch French Connection FC1035B Gents Black IP Multi Function Bracelet Watch

Triumph 3017-M2 Motorcycles Gents Watch Police Men's Chronograph Watch

Tokyo Flash TF0276 Kisai Keisan BKML - green Tokyo Flash TF0270 Kisai Denshoku BKML - orange

Police 10812JSB-02M Gents Matrix Black IP Bracelet Watch with Black Dial Tokyo Flash TF0213 Barcode BKML-White

Police Rogue Men's Dual Time Black Bracelet Watch Armani Exchange Men's Ion Plated Bracelet Watch