I have had a few emails about this and I promised I would do it when I first mentioned the Chelsea Boots trend earlier this week… so here it is, the official Chelsea Boots look book. At the moment I am going through a stage in my own personal style whereby I am dressing slightly smarter and more relaxed formal for every occasion. I think this is because I have never had a really formal job environment where I wear a suit everyday, and so wanted to experiment with the whole modern gentleman look.

The Chelsea boots are one of my favourite trends for this season without a doubt. The Mods are the first generation of people who actually got behind this type of shoe as a fashion and style statement, and there is a lot to be learnt from dressing like they did back then. They knew style, and they always dressed their best. They would always be seen in smart trousers, suits, classic tailoring and clean line wardrobe classics such as polo shirts, v-neck knits, macs and long overcoats.

Today we will be showing you how to bring this look bang up to date, without HAVING to wear a full suit in order to achieve the desired effect. The obvious thing for me to do would be throw in a great skinny suit and tie combination from a fashion forward company like Topman and pair it with the boots. Do not get me wrong, this is a look that WORKS with Chelsea Boots, but is also a bit obvious and I want to try and give you outfits you can wear for different situations and occasions.

So Here we go.

Chelsea Boots Look Book

For today’s look book we are going to use my favourite pair of Chelsea Boots I have seen by Paul Smith. If you are going to do something you might as well do it right, and these are typical British heritage and perfect examples of how a Chelsea boot should be. Paul Smith is instantly associated with the whole Mod trend and makes them the perfect start for any outfit. Of course you can pick and choose your own favourite from the selection I posted this week: HERE

First Outfit
So for the first outfit we are going to go for a relaxed formal look. I will make this using just classic menswear that you should all have in your wardrobe already. This would include a pair of chino trousers in a light colour, classic plain polo shirt and v-neck wool knit thrown on over the top of it. Really dress it up with the classic mac trench coat for a look that is so simple but stylish at the same time. This really brings the Mod culture bang up to date but gives it a typical dressed down look. Clean lines and smart casual items make this perfect for a “dress down” day at the office or out and about round town at the weekend.

You can of course dress the whole mod look up further with clever use of accessories. If you want to push this outfit over the top you could add a nice flat cap or trilby – which would really push the modern gentleman vibe. Otherwise you can easily add a skinny tie or bow tie to a classic white polo to bring some colour into the outfit and also give it that modern fashion forward edge. A great thin leather belt would also be a good addition. Experiment with your accessories and see what works best for you.

Black Chelsea Boot PALE GREY CHINO TROUSERS White Classic Mesh Polo

Dark Grey Merino Wool V Neck Knit Black Pac A Mac Trench Coat Grey Herringbone Fedora

BLACK SMART BELT Black Silk Knitted Tie

Second Outfit
For this one I am going to show you how to bring this right forward into today. This means rocking fashion forward items like skinny jeans, long overcoat, skinny tie and graphic tee. This is probably one for the younger audience, but anyone can pull this look off with the items that match their own personality. Starting from the bottom up we want to get hold of some skinny or slim fit jeans in a dark wash. I like to pair dark greys and black washes with the black Chelsea boots because I think the colours either match or contrast well. With indigo or blue jeans you could try a brown destroyed pair of Chelsea Boots which I think would set the outfit off perfectly. Tuck your jeans into your boots if you can, and if not just rest them on top or cover the ankle section of the boots.

Next, we can add a subtle graphic tee, and layer it up with a smart shirt in a more forward fashion colour. You can go for plain white or light blue, but I would recommend the denim or chambray versions you can get at the moment. It is still a shirt, so it will add that formal edge to the look, but also brings it right into today’s market. The long light grey overcoat is a perfect addition to this look. It will transform it from any other rocker look into a totally stylish Mod approach. This is because it is a real statement piece on it’s own and has a really upper class/formal vibe to it. Teaming it with the Chelsea Boots gives the impression of a really formal outfit on first glance.

For accessories this time go for the long fashion scarf in a darker grey or black colour. This will contrast beautifully with the colour of the coat and can just be draped around the outside of the outfit. The Mods used to love their scarves, and this is a key piece for the Autumn/Winter colder seasons. Plus it adds another layer which will really create the fashion look.

This would be all you need to pull this look off but if you wanted you could button up your shirt and add a skinny tie or bow tie. Leave the bottom buttons open to create a different form of layering that means you can do your jacket up and look really formal. What it also means is that when you take your coat off, it transforms into a really creative layering outfit and a much more relaxed look with the graphic tee poking through the bottom. 2 extreme looks in one!

Black Chelsea Boot GREY WOOL MIX CROMBIE OVERCOAT Washed Black Slim Jean

Electric Tee Connecticut Shirt Ramble Scarf

Third Outfit
This is now going to include some classic tailoring, whilst still trying to really modernise the look. The key piece to this look will be the blazer and it is again an item that all men who are interested in fashion should have in their wardrobe. We will modernise it by wearing some great skinny trousers this time in a grey wash. Trousers were a staple of the traditional Mod, but by skinny fitting them, we can bring this look bang up to date.

We then add the classic shirt, and a different contrasting colour for the blazer. Again skinny fit the blazer to give the outfit that razor sharp edge. Separates – or different colours for trousers and blazer – is really big this year and is set to continue right into the next year. Blue and grey tones are a great mix and will really set you apart from the typically monochrome combinations.

Accessories can really just accentuate the whole theme perfectly. Do your shirt right up and add the bow tie if you want to go all out. Add the flat cap in a grey tone to match your trousers and take the whole modern gentleman look to the next level. You can even grab for the man bag to carry your work or personal belongings in.