Mens Footwear 2009

Today we have a bit of a treat for you all. We are going to showcase a couple of new trainer collections from some massively talented designers. These sneaks have only just launched and you can get your hands on them first! The 3 main big mens footwear trends for 2009, from what we have seen in various launches and catwalk shows are:

Slip-ons: The casual slip-ons are going to be favorite of all. Being casual doesn’t bring the tag ‘sloppy’ to them. They are in fact stylish. And this Spring and Summer, they’ll be liked most in the shades of cream and light brown. Some of them are perforated so that your feet remain cool in the hot weather. They can well be worn with jeans, shorts or casual pants.

Leather Loafers: The classic and simple loafers will be available in classic colors like black, brown, white and tan. They go well with ‘not so formal’ dresses.

Suede Shoes: Widely known to be winter material, suede in its cool version is there for spring summer footwear too. They are used for practically any style- slip- ons, loafers or boat shoes. Shades like tan, black, brown and mustard as well as non conventional ones like yellow are there for all. The adventurous guys can try non conventional shades with light neutrals or denim.

Footwear is really really strong this season and Martin Margiela in particular has presented us with some absolute beauties – he has created the most simplistic sneakers using the finest materials and they really, really work. We have also just received the news of the new range of TST’s from Japan with the same trusted design in a range of strong new colourways and as always, the very best of leathers.

See the full collections below…

Martin Margiela Collection

Martin Margiela Collection

For ss09 Maison Martin Margiela have kept the identifying features of their footwear including the white hand stitching on the heel, embossed logo and treated fabrics.
The simple yet very effective shapes include the beautiful ?New Training Shoe?, inspired by the design of the German Army?s training footwear and constructed in the finest, softest leathers mixed with suede and mesh panels with a new sneaker outsole. Other key styles include the Limited Edition and much hyped confetti trainer and nail heel boot, the beautiful boot and the cracked leather shoes.

Margiela’s work is closely associated with the deconstructist fashion movement of the 1980s. His work is characterised by poetic appreciation of imperfection, personality and eccentricity. His collection have been presented on tube platforms and street corners. He says ‘My main inspiration has always been the extremities and changes of daily life’.

View the martin margiela collection.

Martin Margiela Collection
Martin Margiela CollectionMartin Margiela Collection
TST Footwear Collection.

TST Footwear Collection

TST Footwear is the product of continuous research by esteemed footwear designer Seishi Tanaka.His shoes are made from the richest of materials and incorporate the pure essence of manufacturing and design technique.

Sishi Tanaka always designs on paper and the line drawn by hand becomes the shape and design of the shoe. His inspiration comes from life experiences and his technical knowledge of shoemaking.’TST’ is his own project. His collection is pure, but still diverse and it is inspired by both tradition and technology.

View the tst collection.

TST Footwear Collection
TST Footwear CollectionTST Footwear Collection