Men's Geek Chic Fashion Look Book

Right nerds listen up, today we are going to be creating 3 different looks based around the geek chic trend we touched on at the end of last week. This is a great look for autumn/winter this year, and it is a trend that is gathering pace everyday at the moment. A lot of the celebrities have adopted it already like Mark Ronson, Johnny Depp, Andre 3000 and Kanye West amongst others.

I like it because it plays on the whole relaxed formal vibe, but really adds some flair to the overall look. You don’t have to be geeky to pull it off, it actually works better when you are a cool guy who chooses to dress like that – it gives off complete confidence and also provides an amazing contrast of styles. We showed you the accessories that are normally used in the geek chic trend on Thursday: Braces, hats and glasses are the major focal points, but it can also be played on with watches, bags, ties and bow ties – the latter of which is a real hot item right now.

The 3 looks we will put together today will be a casual outfit, a relaxed formal outfit, and another one which is somewhere between the 2. Hopefully you will find a look that you already relate to and so can then just include it within your current outfits. All the items featured today will be from a range of designers and price ranges, but it is more of an indication to the pieces you can use to create this look and should hopefully allow you to then tailor it to your own style and budget.

Let’s do it.

Geek Chic Look Books

This casual outfit is literally like any other you might wear everyday. The way we have chosen to “geek” this up is with the use of accessories and a clever stand out piece of knitwear. Items should be fitted and not loose, because that is the way of the geek. I have put in a beanie hat which is optional, but the key to this piece is having it slightly over sized and standing up on your head. Jeans should be dark and fitted, the t-shirt can be any style really, but a plain version or striped is probably more appropriate than a large graphic tee. The trainers I have used are some cool high tops because like I said this isn’t actually about being a geek, the contrast between totally on trend items and the geeky accessories is what really sets this outfit apart. The Glasses, man bag and old school watch round out the outfit perfectly.

Grim Tim Slim Dry Dirt Organic Jeans Grey Shawl Cardigan White Hightop Plimsoll


Casio Mens Silver Watch Loose Knit Oversize Beanie

Smart Casual
This outfit is very simple but effective. Start with a check shirt as it adds a focal point to the outfit straight away – I have gone with more muted tones so that as many people as possible can relate to this look. Feel free to go with bold blue and reds for your shirt colour though if you can find suitable braces to go with it. You want some really dark (grey or black) jeans which are carrot shaped or skinny. Throw on some great leather braces and the geek specs to really set this outfit off. Just 2 simple items will transform this outfit and means you don’t need to go over the top with anything else.

Please tuck your shirt in with braces, as this will only reinforce the geek vibe. Boat shoes are a great addition to this outfit as they are right on trend and also have a relaxed formal look to them. You can get some great colours at the moment but try and keep these plain and muted as you already have so much going on in the top half.

Pennslyvania Shirt Resin Split Jeans Affray Braces


Relaxed Formal
The whole relaxed formal look is massive right now and this is a great way to pull it off. This time we will use some great grey jeans, and add the smart plain shirt on top. The shirt can be short or long sleeved as both will work just as well – when I think of geeks I would assume a short sleeved shirt, but the long sleeves rolled would give off more of a fashion look. I think the waistcoat and relaxed bow tie is a great look, especially if the bow tie is checked/patterned – as this will add to the relaxed overall feel without looking too formal. Wear great shoes or boots, because you can get away with these without looking too “stuffy”. Of course we are going to throw on the geek specs again as they really are the staple to the whole trend.

You could of course change the waistcoat for a great knitted sweater vest, which would still look great but lower the formality even further. I have included a plain example, but patterned one would be great too. A geek binary watch is another way of adding flair to the outfit.

Berwick Waistcoat Iggy Fit - Steep White Classic Fit Shirt


BLACK COTTON TANK Black Dice BD-028-03 Guru Black