Men's Gilets

This has been a really strange occurrence for this year’s Autumn/Winter seasons, but as I have been looking through all the new jackets that are coming into stock I can’t help but noticed how many new Gilet’s have been released! I am very sure that it has never been this popular before with designer’s, or maybe I am just looking a lot more these days – but who is buying these?! That is an honest question as well, does anybody here own a Gilet and love it? Please let me know in the comments because I am interested as to how you rock it and whether it’s just me that doesn’t get it.

I used to have one when I was probably about 14/15 years old and I think my Mum convinced me it was cool to wear one of those massive padded versions you can get :(. Unfortunately I cannot see the point of them because they are sleeveless, which means they will do no good what so ever as a coat in the rainy season, plus a lot of the time they are padded for warmth and just add unnecessary bulk to any outfit around the center torso which is a layering “no no” in my eyes.

The only reason I can think of why so many have been released now is to capitalise on the whole outdoor worker wear trend. I am sure I have seen lumberjacks and the like wearing a Gilet over the top of thick check over shirts just for added warmth and I guess protection from the elements. If you were really going to get into the whole outdoor trend you could rock the distressed jeans, tee, thick plaid over shirt and a khaki coloured gilet with trapper hat… but to me it seems a little bit too much when you could smash a fashion forward outfit just by tweaking that slightly. I do not think any of you woke up wanting to actually BE a lumberjack this morning, you just want to nod to the trend but keep it stylish.

The only other thing I can think of is wearing it like a modified waistcoat or sweater vest. Both of these are generally sleeveless, but you would have to find a quality Gilet that was lightweight and less like a puffa jacket. It still doesn’t do it for me though – so can people get involved and say whether they like it or not in the comments below? We can either banish this item from the site forever or someone will open my eyes and enlighten me to the Gilet… good luck with that though.

Also if anyone can find any catwalk photos or a good example of someone pulling the Gilet off in an outfit – then stick them in the comments below because I haven’t been successful yet.

New Men’s Gilets

In the interest of making this fair, I have included a load of new Gilet’s below to show you that it is actually a very popular release right now by big designer’s, and you can form an opinion about whether they have actually progressed into a true fashion item now a days.

john varvatos canada goose prada sport

moncler moncler Navy and Green Check Detatchable Hood Gilet

Red and Black Check Detatchable Hood Gilet Black Goose Down Nylon Gilet Navy Down Filled Gilet

Khaki Cotton Canvas Padded Gilet Firetrap Raf Reversible Bodywarmer Diesel Jomjil Puffa Gilet

Self Pocket Gilet UCLA Quilted reversible gilet Luke 1997 Jacket

Lou Dalton Quilted Gilet Folk Gilet Rocky Mountain Nylon Down Vest