Men's Joggers - New Casual Style Trend

This trend has been sneaking up on us for a while now but seems to have really gathered steam in the run up to the Autumn/Winter seasons. There have a been a lot of new joggers released recently in a variety of styles, colours and cuts. I traditionally associate these joggers (sweatpants/fleece tracksuit bottoms) with lying round the house relaxing or on nearly every male down my local gym when they are lifting weights.

Over the last few months though I have seen them being picked up and used in outfits by the fashion crowd, many of whom are looking for new and creative ways to create casual outfits. I get why this is happening because in the days where men’s fashion is becoming more mainstream, there is a need to disassociate yourself with the rest of the crowd. Topman have also been pushing the trend, producing joggers with drop crotches, skinny fits and many more different takes on a traditional sportswear item.

Today I am going to show you some versions of the joggers that have more of a fashion edge. You are not going to find Nike, Adidas or other major sportswear brands in here, because they generally still have quite a big baggy shape that just does not translate well into a fashion outfit. You will find some major designer brands on board with this, along with a lot of high street brands who are definitely right behind it. Could this be a new item which crosses the boundaries between casual lounge wear to fashion? Only time will tell but there are options available to us.

I am definitely not saying ditch the jeans in your casual outfits now, but we can definitely make this new item work. I think one of the greatest ways to create an outfit is by clashing styles and items. You can envelop the whole street scene using casual joggers with hoodies, graphic tees, chunky hi-tops and the like… but you can also dress them up. I am thinking polo shirts, fashion scarfs, boots and even blazers with these new slim fit joggers. If you get a dark pair instead of the traditional grey varieties, you can pull off quite a smart casual look with the right surrounding pieces.

That is a look book for another day though, so for now take a look at some of the new collections below.

Men’s Joggers

Let’s start with Topman considering they have really got behind the trend and are killing it with new takes on traditional items at the moment:

23:23 Grey Zipper Jox 23:23 Blue Hoop Jox Dark Green Tracksuit Trouser

23:23 Pouch Skinny Jox 23:23 Grey Hoop Jox 23:23 Black Zipper Skinny Jox

Ebony Poly Tricot Joggers Blue Acid Wash Denim Jogger Purple Tracksuit Trouser

Here you find collections from premium designer brands and the high street fashion brands. So we have examples from All Saints, Acne, Christian Dior and many more.

Acne Jeans Pop Fleece Legs Dior Track Bottoms G-Star Track Bottoms

Michigan Sweatpants Gun Sweatpants Grey Fleece Sweat Pants

Diesel Joggers D&G Grey D&G Black

Ann Demeulemeester SAN FRANCISCO EA7