Men's Leather Jackets

With us now truly having awful weather and the Autumn/Winter approaching fast, I wanted to show you a collection of the best leather jackets I have found from around the web. The leather jacket is one of my favourite pieces of clothing and I have to admit that I have around 4 different versions in my wardrobe! It probably is a little excessive but certain items of clothing really appeal to different people. I know some guys that have near on 50 pairs of trainers because they just love them so much and can’t stay away. This is what fashion is all about – personal choice and individuality.

Every male should have a leather jacket in their wardrobe for the winter season. They are such a classic item which has always given off that natural “cool” vibe since as long ago as the 1970’s and 80’s when Happy Days used to be on TV and I am told The Fonz was the coolest man on the planet at the time! They also have a rich place in film history such as Indianna Jones wearing one throughout the 80’s, along with Tom Cruise and the rest of the Top Gun cast.

The leather jacket now-a-days is still stereotypically associated with the whole “bad boy” persona, so it can really add an edge to any fashion look. It is also a really versatile item that you can throw on over a graphic tee just as well as you can a shirt. It looks like a smart item because the quality of the material and the clean lines, but it really gives off a totally different impression when applied within an outfit. The contrast of styles is one of the things I love most about leather jackets, and I love how it can totally transform a basic casual outfit into something with a little bit “extra” by just throwing it on over the top.

There are plenty of styles available at the moment, with everything from bomber jackets, hooded versions, military styles (going to be massive this A/W) and leather over shirts. The leather over shirt I am really into right now and would personally recommend because you can over size it and rock a truly amazing layered outfit with a combination like: plain tee, check shirt, plain leather over shirt. Alternatively you can literally wear a leather over shirt it on it’s own, or with a simple vest underneath. The options are limitless and the leather jacket should be treated as a versatile item that can be worn everyday.

It is worth investing in a high quality leather jacket. If you pay a bit to start with, then you can be sure it will last many a year, because leather is such a durable material that only gets softer and better looking as it ages. You can not say this about many items within your wardrobe. It is also a timeless classic that never really follows trends – which means if you go for a nice black bomber version it will look just as good each and every year, season after season. So don’t skimp on your leather jacket, and grab one of these great styles below today.

Men’s Leather Jackets – New Season

They come in a variety of price ranges, but anything around £200-£300 will get you a great looking fashion leather jacket that is high quality and will last. I have 2 All Saints leather jackets that I have had for 3 years now and I would NEVER throw them out. They look even better now then when I first bought them. Anything above the £500 mark is going to get you something that is truly amazing quality and some of the best leather you can buy. The premium designers like D&G, Marc Jacobs etc. will only work with this price range, but you should be treating this item as an investment that you will make back through continued use.

Found some more great premium examples recently at BaggaMenswear that you should take a look at. G-Star, CP Company, PRPS, Armani, Nudie and a few more are all available!

Nudie Jeans Leather Shirt Armani Leather Jacket Canada Goose Leather Jacket

Armani Leather Jacket G-Star Leather Jacket Nudie Lab Leather Jacket

PRPS Leather Jacket CP Company Coat CP Company Jacket

All Saints

Meuse Leather Jacket Afternoon Leather Shirt Demon Leather Shirt

Topman do some great value true leather jackets (around £100) as well as leather look jackets. If you are on a budget then these leather look jackets can work within your outfits – I appreciate not everyone can drop £200+ on a quality leather version.



Urban Outfitters

Renewal '80s Leather Bomber Junk De Luxe Hest Leather Jacket Renewal Hooded Leather Bomber Jacket

Premium Designer Versions
Here are the premium designer versions: Below we have featured items from Belstaff, PRPS, Dolce & Gabbana, John Varvatos, Ralph Lauren and more. All these have a premium price, but you are paying for true quality.

belstaff prps dolce & gabbana

dolce & gabbana john varvatos ralph lauren

Farhi Farhi Rick Owens

Corsia Corsia Maison Martin Margiela