Men's Loungewear

There comes a time in every guys life when wearing those novelty pyjama bottoms just isn’t cool anymore, so today we are going to look into men’s loungewear. From sweatpants and an old t-shirt to a designer pair of cotton pyjamas, loungewear is definitely an item in any guys wardrobe that should not go unattended. Solely worn for relaxing and sleeping, loungewear is clearly a personal decision based on your own comfort and is a great area of your wardrobe where you have a lot of freedom to play around with wild patterns and fun colours.

Having had enough of wearing football shorts to bed every night I treated myself to a pair of Calvin Klein pyjama bottoms a few years ago for just under £20 which I was very impressed with. That is the great thing about loungewear, they’re generally inexpensive no matter where you buy them from or who the brand is. These days there are 2 basic types of material to go for in guys pyjamas; cotton brushed flannel and light woven cotton. Cotton brushed flannel is quite thick but still soft and perfect for the colder winter nights. However when summer comes round try a pair of woven cotton pyjamas, as they are very light and breathable whilst also available in shorts.

Besides the material, men’s pyjamas are available in a variety of styles, from bright solids, to all-over stripes or plaid. With or without a shirt, comfortable and soft fabrics will continue to aid quality relaxation time – and this is one of the keys to looking healthy and having great skin, body and mind. Whether you prefer pyjama bottoms or shorts its best to go with a loose fit for added comfort so maybe even try a size up.

Loungewear is not just for sleeping either… if you’re having a lazy day on a Sunday afternoon, when you have nowhere to be and time to unwind but don’t want to sit around in the same pyjama bottoms you’ve just slept in, you can pick up a pair of loose sweatpants and be just as comfy throughout the day.

It doesn’t just stop at sweat pants and pyjama bottoms either. Designers, brands and department stores are also selling very basic t-shirts and vests in plain colours to co-ordinate with any style of pyjama bottoms. Made from cotton these t-shirts and vest are very light, breathable and saves you misshaping one of your everyday t-shirts. If you really want to go that little further why not try a dressing gown or robe? Ideal for putting on after jumping out the shower or when you have just got up, it will definitely keep you comfy and warm, whilst you can pretend you are one of those Monaco playboys stepping out onto the front of your yacht!

So just because you’re relaxing at home, it doesn’t mean you should wear holey boxer shorts and stained T-shirts. Lounge and be lazy with some dignity and class. Here’s what we’ve found from across the web which would be perfect to add to your Christmas wish list.

Men’s Loungewear


Calvin Klein T Matrix T-Shirt G-Star Two Pack V-Neck T-Shirt Boss Orange Vest

Polo Ralph Lauren Shawl Collar Robe Ted Baker Velour Viktor Robe Polo Ralph Lauren Edwards Plaid Woven Lounge Pant

Calvin Klein Check Flannel Lounge Pants Ted Baker Wezlie Stripe Woven Lounge Pants Diesel Large Waistband Sampy Lounge Shorts

Calvin Klein Avery Stripe Lounge Pant Polo Ralph Lauren Bailey Plaid Woven Lounge Short Ugg Scuff Suede Slippers


Blue Buffalo Check Pyjamas Blue Smash Comic Pyjamas Grey Comic Print Dressing Gown


Blue Striped Pyjama Pants Multi Stripe Cotton Robe Blue Multi Stripe Pyjamas by Paul Smith Accessories

Multi Stripe Pyjamas by Paul Smith Accessories White Cotton Fine Rib Under Shirt by Comme des Garcons Shirt Black Classic Cotton V Neck Tee by Sunspel


Calvin Klein Mesa Stripe Terry Robe  by Calvin Klein Hugo Boss Pyjamas Gift Set by Hugo Boss James Plaid Woven Pant by Polo Ralph Lauren

Madrid Robe by Hanro Olina Plain Gown by Derek Rose Hugo Boss Pyjama set

And if you really are a playboy and can splash out!

Satyenkumar Pyjama Trouser Satyenkumar Pyjama Trouser (Oval Print)