Military Trend Colourways - Beige and Khaki

The military trend is really picking up steam now and we previewed a lot of traditional military items in our trend article a few weeks ago (click here to read). What I have noticed now though is that there are even more military inspired clothes coming out in the traditional military colour ways. When I think of military I automatically think of dark greens, beige, khaki and browns I.E. the whole army uniform and camouflage vibe. These lighter beige and khaki colours are not necessarily associated with the dark nights, wet days and generally dirty Autumn/Winter period because they pick up stains a bit too easily and autumn/winter is monochrome time right?

Wrong. This year we are seeing some great pieces to put in the wardrobe and rock throughout the coming seasons in lighter shades and bright bold colours. I don’t know why people see the need to keep everything so dark and dreary in these next few months, but it only adds to everyone’s winter depression and makes it much easier for us to stand out against the crowd. I am all for rocking the dark indigo’s, black and grey jeans – but let’s match them with some bold red/blue checks, royal green military jackets and khaki shirts to really bring some flair and creativity to such a dull time of year.

The Autumn/Winter period is perfect for layering, so remember to mix bold patterns and colours with the traditional dark tones, and create outfits that have true depth and individuality… none of us wants to be “just another guy” on the street right?

With that in mind a great way to subtly add lighter shades whilst still being right on trend is to get heavy into these military colours. Beige, Greens and Khaki look great when paired with dark tones and they don’t have to be adorned with big shiny buttons or epaulettes to give off a military vibe. Just the combination of military colours is enough to give a nod to the trend without going all out. Obviously me being a massive fan of the trend as a whole would recommend you picked up the military boots, shirt and jacket – but everyone’s personal taste is different.

Check out some of the items below that all come in the traditional military palette. Add some of these to your wardrobe this season and remember to mix and match the colour combinations to really give off a subtle military vibe.

Military Fashion Colours

High Street

Marine Shirt Dorian Shirt Evidence Scoop

Byron Cardigan Echo Jacket Hybrid Parker

Earl Pant Aurora Beanie Cotton Dart Tie

All-Son Military Shirt G-Star Marker Desert Shirt Vans 106 Forest Night



Premium Designers

Khaki Plaid Washed Wool Hooded Coat Khaki Cotton Canvas Mountain Parka Olive Assymetrical Grandad Knit

Green Three Pocket Heavy Knit Cardigan Khaki Flight Shirt Khaki Classic Pique Polo

john varvatos john varvatos burberry prorsum

Armani Cardigan Lyle & Scott Heritage Cardigan Stone Island Jacket

CP Company Cardigan Maharishi Snowpants Maharishi Sweater