Mens hair styling products

Hot on the heels of my favourite shaving picks come my own personal favourites for hair styling. I like to change my style often and over the last couple of years have had long, medium and short hair styles. I have now in fact stuck with a shorter, choppy style due to it suiting me much better and hence giving me more confidence in my style.

So here we go… Again these are personal favourites and so will not suit everyone. If you disagree i’ll kill you I want to hear about it and any other products that you would recommend me try. I am always willing to change for a quality product!

Medium/Long Length Hair

For me when I had longer hair it was important to not over style it or use too much product as it would make it sticky and look potentially really greasy. Something light like a pomade or styling creme works much better than a wax in this hair length… and I have the photos to prove it!

Lock Stock & Barrel Pucka – Grooming Creme 60g
This is a light to medium hold styling product which as the name suggests is a bit like a cream. It goes on really light and absorbs really quickly without making the hair look greasy. It is great on long and medium styles where you just need to keep the fly away hair under control. Once your hair gets longer it should naturally fall into place (if it doesn’t sack the hairdresser!) so it basically just need a product like this to keep it that way without clumping it.

American Crew – Pomade 100gm
Pomades are kind of like a waxy product but a bit more liquid. This Pomade is great for long hair because it again gives hold but allows natural movement which is what you want in long hair. American Crew is massive in America but not as well know over here in the UK. They make quality products and this is no exception. This Pomade does give a really nice natural shine to your hairas well (kind of like a glossy coating) so it’s not for everyone. Also I must warn you that if you use too much then it will look and feel REALLY greasy just because of the shine aspect and the waxy nature of it.

These products work equally as well as a mix, the pomade will give you a natural shine and the creme is easier absorbed into the hair so you can run it through the roots all the way to the tip. Always remember though in longer hair: LESS IS MORE!

GHD Stylers
If like me you have quite thick hair, once it gets longer it is imperative you keep going to the hairdressers regularly in order to take the thickness out (otherwise you will look like a mushroom!). Another trick for people with thick and especially curly hair is to straighten it. As we are now in the 21st Century it is quite acceptable for men to straighten their hair and with longer styles sometimes it is the only way. GHD’s are the best straighteners on the market in my expert opinion, so get a pair and try it out!

Please don’t over do it, I think you still want a natural look with your longer hair otherwise you can look like a right freak really unnatural. A small time spent straightening the root of your hair will allow the style to fall naturally into place and once you have, it should normally last a couple of days without getting out of control.

Pukka Grooming Creme American Crew Pomade

GHD Mini Hair Straighteners

Short Hair Styling

Now that my hair is shorter it is so much easier to style. First of all you need a great cut by a good hairdresser, so make sure you invest in that before anything else because styling products on their own can’t help you! That being said here are my new 2 favourite products for keeping my hair under control all day.

Lock Stock & Barrel 85 Karats – Grooming Clay 60g
Easily my favourite hair product of all type. I used to use Fudge Hair Shaper, but found it left my hair really sticky and the hold wasn’t quite good enough to last for an extended period of time. It is essential in any short hair product that it provide hold, separates the hair well (textured look) and doesn’t dry hard or look horrible to touch! This product is brilliant for holding your style all day. You only need the smallest amount worked through your hair to give you this and it provides the best defining finish I have ever experienced. Give it a try and you wont go back!

Lock Stock & Barrel Ruck Matte Putty 60g
This is another product by my favourite hair brand it seems! This putty is not as thick textured as the clay above and is more like a firmer creme. You only need the smallest amount of this product as it provides a really strong hold and a brilliant matte (dry looking) finish (that can be really sticky if applied to much). It is a perfect product for that “just got out of bed” look and works really well when combined with the clay above.

85 Karats Clay Ruck Matte Putty