Shave like the pros!

Being as it’s a slightly dry week for fashion (waiting for new spring lines and launches!), I thought I would share with you some personal information… My all time essential grooming products! Basically over the next few days I will focus on the products that I use DAILY on my own gorgeous face/hair in order to keep it looking pristine. :)

With literally 1000’s of mens grooming products (skin care, hair care, shaving, body care etc. etc.) available now-a-days it is always hard to find one that suits you perfectly and does exactly what you need for a reasonable price. After around 4-5 years of searching for the perfect products I have found what basically are my picks for the top grooming products on the market. As you will know, not all these products will be suitable for everyone, but they come highly recommended by me, and I have tried nearly every brand imaginable!

If you have any other suggestions or comments about my selections, please just leave them at the bottom of the post. I am always open to trying new brands or products, especially if they are good. You might convert me!


I tend to electric shave at the moment as I like the designer stubble look I have going on. This means (if you read our art of shaving post – you did right?!) I need a pre-solution shaving formula and also an aftershave balm for post-shave. My two favourties come from my favourite brand Lab Series. They are:

Lab Series for Men Electric Shave Solution 100ml – This is a brilliant product which makes electric shaving closer and more comfortable. It really allows the shaver to glide across your face and give you a close shave (should you want it) and doesn’t clog it up or make it feel sticky. You don’t even need to rinse the formula off afterwards as it soaks into your skin. I love this product because it makes electric shaving much easier, closer and you can be more confident you got every bit of your face without the blade skipping. Ever been to a meeting or date with a few longer hairs sticking out that you missed/didn’t notice?! I would not recommend it!

Lab Series for Men Triple Benefit Post Shave Remedy 50ml – This is easily the best aftershave balm you can buy. It goes on your skin light and asorbs really quickly without leaving that greasy feeling. Your skin will feel much less irritated (manual or electric shavers) and look a lot more refreshed after using it. Since I have been using it post shave I have not had a single ingrowing hair, razor burn or dry irritated skin. It really works wonders and for those who suffer from ingrown hairs or itchy bumps should definately take a look at this… It might just change your life!

Electric Shaving Solution Electric Shaving Solution

Tommorow we will look at facial products…