New Men's Underwear - Florals

Having looked through my underwear collection recently I found that I needed to upgrade it. You should always look to replace worn underwear every 3/6 months and I like to have around 10 pairs which are in perfect condition at any one time. This is because if you wear them everyday (and I am hoping wash them regularly) – you will start to notice the material either degrading or the fit warping slightly. What you have then is loose, horrible fitting underwear that should NEVER be seen on any male who takes pride in their appearance.

With this is mind I went straight to my favourite online underwear retailer UnderU in order to scope out what the latest trends were in men’s underwear. A few months back it was the introduction of a lot of new “sporty” styles in small trunks which has all sorts of comfort features like whipping away sweat, comfort cotton etc. The slant for summer now appears to be bright prints (LOVE THEM) and florals which I am going to show you a few of today.

As you may know from reading our site, florals in general is big this year for men’s summer clothing. Whether it be floral board shorts, shirts or T-shirts it is definitely a big trend which has made it’s way down to the underwear market. CK, Bjorn Borg, Diesel and Replay have all picked it up, which I would totally expect as they are mainly fashion labels and appeal to the fashion conscious younger markets.

Anyway I think they look great, and it is always good to have some variety in your pants drawer. Please remember to buy new underwear regularly: it is an area overlooked by many males but it should always be clean, well fitted and have some flair just in case you ever get in the situation that someone else will see it! ;)

Take a look at the latest floral inspired designs below…

New Underwear – Florals

These top two are my personal recommendations. I only say this because I picked up a pair of each this week!

Product details for: Bjorn Borg Fun Stretch Psychedelic Brief Product details for: Calvin Klein Flower Stamp Trunk

Ribas Jersey Stretch Printed Brief by Replay Ego Boost Floral Hipster Trunk by HOM

Rewise Jersey Stretch Printed by Replay Product details for: Duchamp Floral Jersey Short Grey

Product details for: HOM Love Pepper Hipster Anaconda Trunks by GrigioPerla