New Season Pull Over Hoodies

Following on from yesterday’s article about how you can layer up these types of hoodies, I thought it was only right I show you some of the new examples on the market. Clothes are about personal preference so some of you will like the pull over type hoody whilst others will like full zipped versions and the versatility they give you. Either way, there are still some great examples of each type available online so I hope I can show you a wide and varied selection today.

Hopefully the article yesterday will have given you some inspiration as to what looks you want to rock with the pull over hoody so it should make it easier for you to find one that expresses your individuality today. I have split the examples below into true pull over hoodies which have no zip at all and then half open hoodies which may have buttons or zip. I will also try and do high street as well as major brands, so there is something for everyone’s budgets.

So let’s take a look and grab one of these for the winter season.

Pull Over Hoodies

Sweatshirts with hoods on. These are your typical hoody that you throw on without much thought and know it looks good. As long as yours fits correctly and is a quality example, then this will work in any casual outfit no matter what style you are going for.

High Street


23:23 Teddy Hoody Retro Weeniecon Hoody Colour Block Hoody

All Saints

Hood Crew Step Hoodie Faithful Hoodie


ASOS Overhead Hoodie G-Star Original Flaunt Hooded Sweat Gap Baseball Hooded Sweat

Bluebell By Wrangler Tom Hooded Sweat Diesel Sabino Logo Hooded Sweat Franklin & Marshall Athletic Dept Hooded Sweater

McQ by Alexander McQueen Hooded Sweat Top Tuesday Night Band Practice Guillotine Sweat Zip Hoodie McQ By Alexander McQueen Snood Top

Z7AC2 Deepest Navy Cotton Sweat FLMC049 Ontario Sweat Micro Hooded SW Navy Grey Sweat

Adidas Y-3 Victorinox Paul Smith Jeans

Zip Through Hoodies

As we pointed out in yesterday’s article, the half zip or button up hoodie is a lot more versatile when it comes to producing refined looks and layering options. You can leave them unzipped fully to show off what you are wearing underneath, or you can open them up just enough at the top to show off a statement accessory like a chain, scarf or tie/bow tie.

Below showcases quite a few options for half zip hoodies this year – thin and plain colour hoodies would be my ideal for layering as they will not add bulk and it means you can really go bold with your surrounding items. However there are some statement hoodies below as well that could be a focal point. Pick your own favourites…

High Street

Light Grey Crew Neck Hoody Blue Sweat Placket Hoody Grey Sweat Placket Hoody

Red 1/2 Zip Hoody Black 1/2 Zip Hoody Asymmetrical Zip Hoody

Asymmetrical Zip Hoody Quilt Collar Hoody Jersey Stripe Hoody

All Saints

Alaska Hoodie Zone Hoodie Slant Hoodie


889H-763 Grey Sweatshirt Cast Half Zip Hooded Black Sweat Ringspun Taskreader Henley Hooded Sweatshirt

Tommy Hilfiger Rugby Sweat Scotch & Soda Muntsville National League Hooded Sweat Ringspun Samurai Gut Sweater

Black Heavy Jersey Hooded Sweat Luke 1977 Knit Stone Island Hoody

Paul Smith Jeans CP Company

What I have noticed is that there is nowhere near the variety of pull over hoodies in comparison to zip through versions. Looking through multiple websites today (probably around 7 sites total) it was really hard to find a collection that didn’t all look pretty similar and have the same “logo branded” vibe. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good versions above, but I really like to use my hoodies for layering and not on there own as a means to an end. Each to their own though, so let me know in the comments what you think about the subject.