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It’s not you love, it’s your shoes…

I don’t particularly enjoy first dates, (obviously that was not the case with the current creative director). Most of us have one thing they become obsessed with; yours might be football, wine or golf. On the other hand perhaps you’re a little like me and would rather read Esquire instead of Nuts. A man of the cloth. Subsequently I find it hard to get on with potential girlfriends that don’t dress appropriately. Its not like I can turn girls away, I am by no means Carry fucking Grant. But I frequently find I can’t get along with girls that can’t dress properly. Perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I have immediately disregarded possible girlfriends because they wore trainers to a first date. This idea got me thinking, what should us gentlemen wear during the unlikely chance of a date. Do possible partners judge us solely on what we wear? They say that first impressions are everything, and immediately following the first meeting, its always going to be a little down hill from there. So lets get a head start by updating the style armoury.

The brand I think you should use to find the corner piece of your outfit is Paul Smith. Everyone should jump on the Smith bandwagon, there is no demographic that he does not have a finger in. Paul (as his friends probably call him) originally hatched in Nottingham in 1947, and opened his first store at the age of 24. He is now known as Sir Paul for his efforts in the fashion industry. He works with quintessential British style, traditional pieces each with their very own twist, pushing the boundaries of classical dressing with colour and eccentric fabrics. He has a number of different quirky collections, including Paul Smith Jeans (casual collection), Paul Smith Red Ear, PS by Paul Smith (Smart casual collection) Paul Smith London (suiting and business styled apparel), Mainline (The luxury line), Swimwear and Underwear. Slim classic cut tailoring are the key ingredient in most of his collections, sealed with a British stamp.

Below you will see a few of my favourite pieces of this season of which you might need. One of which is the tan Miller brogue, the perfect shoe, a sophisticated stylish sole fit for any occasion. I prefer them with correctly fitting straight cut jeans and perhaps the casual shirt; see the blue from the Jeans collection. I am also a fan of this beautiful formed blazer formed with a very Paul Smith checked detail. Ideal for formal and informal situations.

My housemate suggested that If I ever find my self in a similar situation again, which means I would get the chance to go on a date again, I may start it on Covent Gardens Floral Street, so I can say “shall we pop into have a little look” just to give her a fighting chance. It seems that if you were to do anything tomorrow, make sure your well dressed. Everything will be easier from then on.

Picks From the Range


PAUL SMITH - JEANS    370J-770 Navy Cardigan PAUL SMITH - JEANS    380J-774 Grey Cardigan PAUL SMITH - JEANS    822H-800 Slim Mid Wash Jeans

PAUL SMITH - JEANS   309J-710 Black Jacket PAUL SMITH - JEANS   365J-825 Heather Shirt PAUL SMITH - JEANS   829H-738 Red Shirt

PAUL SMITH - LONDON    Byard J72 Black Jacket PAUL SMITH - LONDON    434H-K93 Chocolate Cardigan PAUL SMITH - LONDON    Byard J58 Grey Suit

PAUL SMITH - PS    510J-209 Green Cardigan PAUL SMITH - PS    469J-182 Taupe Coat PAUL SMITH - PS   471J-181 Elephant Jacket


Tan Miller Washed Brogue Black Chelsea Boot Brown York Washed Boot

Sky Classic Fit Shirt Maroon Pin Dot Mid Fit Shirt The Westbourne Suit

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Paul Smith Shoes Paul Smith Shoes Paul Smith Boots

Till next week,

Christian Kimber

Personal Profile: Christian Kimber is the niche of the fashion industry currently working in buying in London. His life is based on the pursuit of style and with an entrepreneurial tendency we simply wait to see what he comes out with, I heard he is opening his own store in the near future, but that didn’t come from me. He is based in London and writes a lifestyle blog available at: