We are always on the look out for new, unusual or exciting male fashion products, and we think we have come across an absolute winner. Porte Monnaie is maybe a designer you have never heard of before, but they produce some amazing and very original men’s wallets. I wouldn’t just feature any old wallet on this site would I though!?

Basically they are all made from beautiful russet leathers and paper-like flash spun high density polyethylene which forms the most interesting part of the wallet. What I love about these wallets is that they look very traditional when closed, but inside… the way that the card holder opens like a folded parcel is something I have never come across before and it is such a great and unique idea. You have to check the pictures out to see exactly what I mean, but it is truly amazing.

The materials are all recycled, so it is a very eco-friendly accessory, and the designs are very original – normally in monochrome colourways. The wallets are eye catching, with worn/faded colours and large focus points. There is also an EXCLUSIVE CHALK COLOURWAY which is only available at Oki-ni. It really should be a considered purchase, as I have been sent one and it is literally just a work of art. I can also guarantee that no-one else I know will have it – and that always appeals to me! ;)

Porte Monnaie Wallets – Card Holder

  • Porte Monnaie Handmade Terrazo Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Handmade Spot Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Classic Handmade Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Classic Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie New Bow Tie Handmade Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Handmade Polka Dot Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Classic Handmade Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Classic Handmade Wallet
  • Porte Monnaie Classic Handmade Wallet
Porte Monnaie – Brand Story

Porte Monnaie are the makers of original wallets, comprising innovative and traditional materials in a unique design of minimalist style. Natural, locally sourced russet leather and the paper-like tactility of flash spun high density polyethylene form the back bone of a Porte Monnaie wallet.

The dyes used to colour and decorate Porte Monnaie wallets are natural making it completely recyclable without compromising on quality or style. Hand made in London by craftsmen, and packaged and delivered with care.

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