Reader Incentive Results and Showcase

You should all remember (hopefully) the men’s fashion picks I made last week and gave you all the opportunity to contribute your own. I wanted to get an insight into what you all liked within fashion as a whole, and thought it would be a good opportunity to really reinforce the fact that fashion is TOTALLY subjective, and we are all going to like different things and have our own individuality. Yes there are certain items that just work, and a lot of clothes that will just transcend all personal taste, ethnicity, ages and styles. But on the whole my tastes to yours will differ a lot. I’m here to give you tips, show you how to throw stuff together, and launch collections so that you can all make your own mind up about what YOU want to wear – not what I tell you to.

Anyway I promised I would – so it’s time for me to showcase some of your personal fashion picks along with a short little commentary about what I liked about it all. Sorry if I could not get everyone in this time (there were a lot of picks), but we will definitely do this again, and I will give you all the opportunity to have your say. I have announced the winners at the end as well, and gave a few small prizes out to say thank you! :)

Let’s go…

Jake’s Picks

What I loved about this is he only picked 4 items but he gave a little summary of his thought process behind them. I love the mix of simple plain basics against the more intricate pattern of the polo, and the varying price range – this to me means he is always on the look out for just great pieces that will fit his wardrobe, not just buying the labels. The leather bag and pea coat are two things I would LOVE to have in my wardrobe as well, so brownie points for that.


Black Soft Gloss Leather Gym Bag Peoples Market Edallan Double Breasted Jacket

Seb Beasant’s Picks

Seb has emailed me a couple of times and I know he LOVES his fashion. For someone who is quite young he has a great eye for quality fashion items. When I was his age I was still rolling around in my Diesel and G-Star etc. without so much as a clue why things worked like they did. Some of these items are just beautiful and so this is why I have featured him. Plus he put a lot of effort and explanation into his post which I loved. The bold statement shoes just tipped it over the edge for me.

acne yellow shoes Light Vintage Blue Straight Leg Jean

Torque Denim Straight Fit Jean Red Stripe Fairisle Cardigan

Tan Miller Washed Brogue Chocolate Miller Washed Brogue

Witness01 Pick’s

Witness has long contributed on this blog before a lot of other’s and often comes up with intelligent insights to my articles. He loves his All Saints as we probably all know by now, but also has a really good eye for high fashion, especially in his footwear. I can tell this by his Rick Owens pick and the ATO hide boots he bought earlier on this year. Not one to stick to anyone style, he can go really dark – like the boots below! – but also mix it up with a pair of Farah shorts I recommended, and the whole modern dandy / professional look for work. By the way I loved the boots pick, this is what I wanted – some real originality and something that would open my eyes. I checked the whole site out and the gallery on that shop really shows you how to rock that dark rocker/biker/thrash metal look even!

Have picked a handful of these as there were quite a few.

Infantry Jacket Cover Hoodie

Easter Tee Rick Owens Boots

Spiral Tabi Puma Vest

Elewis Pick’s

Elewis came in and really put some time effort into this. I know exactly how long it takes to write an article and search the web putting it all together in a semi coherent form! He came back with 2 GREAT full outfits for different occasions which showed me he has a real grasp of fashion and how to layer up. His comments were insightful and described well his thought process. I also liked the mix of styles, contrasts and price ranges within the picks. By the way, I LOVED that CK watch he featured and for me it was one of the stand out items from the whole thing -especially at that price.

I have featured just one of his FULL outfits below, but you can check out the other in the original post.

ASOS Tailored Slim Fit Shirt Black Pac A Mac Trench Coat

Mango Fine Gauge Contrast Placket Cardigan Black Silk Knitted Tie

Nudie Jeans H by Hudson shoes COSWORTH black patent

Had to switch the bag for another Mulberry classic as I couldn’t get the image from the site Elewis recommended.

 Calvin Klein Gravitation K9814220 Black Seth Crossbody Bag


So this started out being a proper competition where I was only going to reward one person for their insight and picks with £100 to spend. However, after so many of you contributed and spent a lot of time with your picks, I had to switch it up and break down the prizes slightly. So here goes:

1st Place – Elewis – £40 Gift Voucher
Like I mentioned above, I could tell he put A LOT of effort into his picks and they were great. Made a total outfit and picked some great items in a mix of styles and prices. You win a £40 voucher of your choice mate from which ever fashion shop online will allow me to purchase a gift voucher and send it to you.

Runner Up – Witness01 – £20 Gift Voucher
Witness has always contributed throughout the websites history. I loved the fact he really went out there with a few choices and opened my eyes to a whole other style. He didn’t apologise for having different tastes to a lot of people on here as well. You get a £20 voucher from the store of your choice. Well Done mate!

Runner Up – Jake – £20 Gift Voucher
Jake was first to contribute and set his thoughts out methodically and gave good reasons for his choices. A range of good quality low cost and high cost items was great, and 2 of the items I actually want for my wardrobe now! Congrats on winning a £20 gift voucher for your thoughts.

Runner Up – Seb Beasant – £20 Gift Voucher
Again Seb put a lot of time into his picks and gave a little commentary on his thought process. I love the quality of the items he picked and again a few of them I would love to have in my wardrobe! Also picked the yellow loafers which I thought was a bold statement piece. Again, congratulations and have a £20 voucher on me!

Collecting Your Prize

I will be contacting all winners through the email address they give when they submit their comments. If this is an incorrect address can you please let me know through the comments how you would like me to get hold of you. You can also email me at the contact us link – which is right at the top of the site above the navigation.

I would like to say thanks again for EVERYONE who contributed. Just because you didn’t win a prize this time or have your personal items featured, please don’t take it as an insult. I appreciate everyone working harder to help me make this site better… and I will definitely be running additional extra little reader incentives again over the next few months.