Resistance Clothing - New Collection Launch

We have an excellent new collection launch today to preview for you all. Resistance Clothing is a brilliant new brand you may not of heard about because they traditionally used to sell just to Japan and the US markets. They have recently expanded into Europe and it is great news for all of us over here in the UK. As I have mentioned before, Japan and the far East have some of the best street fashion and fashion intuition in the whole world. I had the pleasure of spending some time in Tokyo last year and the outfits each and every male were wearing were so creative and stylish. They seem to have this innate sense of what works; whether it be colours, patterns or layers.

With this in mind I am really pleased that Resistance have started releasing their garments in the UK. They were founded in 2005 and take inspiration from the time the designer spent in Japan. So think bright colourways, bold graphic prints and unconventional fabrics/proportioning. The graphic tees are definitely my favourites, which normally picture political figures or inspirational symbols.

The detailing is amazing on every piece. Whether it’s a slanted zip on a jacket or the fact their sneakers have peppermint scented insoles – yes you read that right – everything is thought of and it’s this little extra bit of time and care that makes these clothes so special. Take time to look through the latest collection below and consider adding to your wardrobe today! Don’t miss out though, because these will always be in limited quantities…

Resistance Clothing

Brand Story: Founded in 2005 by Paris based Ramdane Touhami, this label sells in Japan, Europe and the US. Inspired by his time in Japan, Resistance uses unconventional proportions, sizes and fabrics; crossed by political words and revolutionary symbols.

Manufactured in Japan, Ramdane interprets the major menswear pieces such as suits, collars and coats right up to the Japanese general’s jacket of the first world war.

Resistance Clothing Resistance Clothing Resistance Clothing

Resistance Clothing Resistance Clothing Resistance Clothing

Resistance Clothing Resistance Clothing Resistance Clothing