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I have added this post because SecretSales have written us a unique article on men’s fashion that you might find interesting. It features what they consider to be the latest men’s fashion trends for 2009 and it really just reinforces what I have been saying to you over the past few weeks. It’s good to know that other fashion experts are spotting the same trends and hopefully it will make you realise we are number one for mens fashion tips!

Some background about the writer/company…
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Mens Fashion Trends 09

Men’s fashion trends undergo subtle changes from year to year and are far less varied than the trends for women’s clothes. For 2009, however there are three main features for spring, summer, fall and winter wear. Red features heavily as the on trend colour and classic plaids are popular. Linen trousers in various shades of taupe and brown are making a come back and are worn with highly polished leather brogues. Stylish double breasted jackets create a suave look, and have the ability to lift a mundane look into the realms of high fashion, especially when worn with a stylish neck scarf, knotted at the front and in delicately patterned ginghams in blue, red and brown. Frida Gianinni has led the way in designing solid blue and bold blue and white striped light weight suits for summer, worn with natty floral shoes. Fashion essentials include tartan trench coats, twisted wool jumpers, wool sailor`s jackets, tile shirts, ties, ankle boots and leather lace up shoes. Fashionable colours and materials include purple, blue, white, velvet and mohair.

Casual wear features on trend tee shirts emblazoned with old album sleeve artwork, and a 1950s rockabilly look combined with underground band image. This rock image is created with straight jeans cuffed at the ankles, suit jackets tapering in at the waist, knee length duffel coats and over coats, patterned in grey tweeds and chevrons, close cut quilted leather jackets and biker style wind breakers. Accessories include shoes and large buckled belts in animal skin prints, and sweaters and shirts take on a geometric patterning. Deep V necklines are everywhere, in tee shirts, sweaters and cardigans, to expose, if you dare, the manly chest in its glory.

The City Slicker look is here, and achievable with a few essentials. Straight leg jeans, side laced shoes, plain black waistcoat and paisley scarf with notch neck tee shirt and smart jacket will create the look easily. Long necklaces are a must have accessory and range from beaded necklaces to shorter chokers and chunky pendants on leather thonging. Clean lines and pinstripes enhance height and are extremely sophisticated. Louis Vuitton, Cerutti and Lanvin have all gone for the refined and polished suited look, and the chunky man-bag is a strong feature. Dolce and Gabbana favour the printed tuxedo and dinner jacket in monochrome black and grey with a floral influence, and worn with simple bow tie this look is extremely suave. With a move away from the skinny boy suit the essential cut includes broad shoulders, slim waist and slim trousers. Cavalli, Prada and Ferragano have all adopted the cinch belt to be worn with overcoats in order to accentuate waists for spring.

The fashion statement in men’s wear for 2009 is smart casual or extremely smart formal, but with the necessary vital ingredients this seasons look is easily emulated with plenty of discount mens fashion available.