Blue INC Launches Christmas Range

As you may know by now, Blue Inc are our premium sponsor who allow us to continue to write articles and maintain this site on a daily basis. They have just gotten hold of me to tell me that they have a great range of Christmas gifts available for men and women this year with the launch of their true winter lines. Some of you may find it frightening to know that Christmas is now just over 5 weeks away(!) so maybe it actually is time to be thinking not only in terms of your winter wardrobe, but presents for the other half, friends and family.

Due to Blue Inc specialising in budget menswear and womens wear, it means this Christmas you will be able to pad out your wardrobe for less, as well as pick up those items that would make great gifts. There are some great new items available (if you want to treat yourself) that hit all the right trends for winter such as worker boots, denim shirts, trapper hats and big chunky knitwear. You can see my favourites in the main article.

The womens wear is also very good, and hit all the trends that our female writer’s are reporting right now as well. I have gotten hold of our main female writer for the women’s side to pick out some clothes that look amazing but also come in at a great price for Christmas gifts. If you buy one of these items for your friends or family this year you can guarantee they will be rocking them right through the season this time… instead of telling you they love them and then letting them gather dust in the wardrobe! ;)

Message From Blue INC

“It is coming to a certain time of year where everybody is allowed to get excited about receiving and giving presents and even the dark cold evenings, it is of course Christmas! But even though it is an exciting time of year, it can prove to be stressful if you leave your shopping until the last minute but there is help at hand and it comes in the form of Blue Inc. Blue Inc offers an amazing range of clothes for the men and it now offers a fantastic range for the women as well, the women’s range can be found online and in selected stores across the country. Blue Inc takes the stress out of Christmas shopping by providing a range of clothes that covers everything that either the young man or young woman needs for winter. They even have a range of Police aftershave which is perfect for the smaller gift.

The men’s range includes warm but trendy coats, jumpers and cardigans, jeans and combats, casual and smart tees and even the extremely popular humorous tees. All of these items will prove popular and the price will make them even more appealing. Blue Inc offers a 10% student discount, 3 tees for £10, 2 humorous tees for £15 and even 2 pairs of jeans and a top for £30.

Blue Inc can help your Christmas be inexpensive and simple, just come to us to find your special someone the clothes that they want. ”

Picks From The Range

So here are some of the new arrivals that would be great to use through this winter period and right into spring.

New Cotton V Neck Jumper Phoenix Hooded Jacket Deluxe Denim Laundry Pisa Jeans

Cable Hood Zip Jumper Herringbone Flatcap Clip Trapper Hat - Brown

Blast Denim Longsleeved Shirt Lace-Up Wing Boot - Tan Scoop Skull T Shirt

Gifts For Women

Knitted Boots Patent Boots Strapless Dress

Satin Collar Blazer Leather Jacket Quilted Clutch

Sequin Leggings Knitted Tunic Toggle Hooded Knit