It’s been a couple weeks since we featured Pharrell on this site and showcased him to the world as a style icon. The feature went down very well with a lot of you and I thought it was a good start because he is very much a slightly under the radar that some of you may not have considered before. We have had multiple requests for this icon and so today we present to you… KANYE WEST!

Unlike Pharrell this is a guy who definitely does not fly under the radar and is always in the public eye. He doesn’t even really need an introduction, but he is one of the greatest hip hop and overall pop producers, writers and artists of the 20th century. He has come out recently to become the self proclaimed “King of Pop” after Michael Jackson died – which just gives you a glimpse into the size of the man’s ego.

Like Pharrell he has really developed his overall image and style to become a style icon over the past few years. When he first broke into the game he used to rock Ralph Lauren polo shirts and baggy jeans all the time. This may have just been smart branding and marketing on his part, as he really wanted to give off that “college boy” look on which his first album was based (College Dropout).

Since then, he has really set the fashion world alight. He seems to just “get it” when it comes to fashion and he has multiple looks like a chameleon which all look perfect as soon as he throws them on. When I show you some images of recent get-ups in the main post, you will be amazed at how he pulls off casual, smart, preppy, formal, etc. looks with effortless style. I have always said that for creative people it is really easy for them to express themselves through their fashion, and this is definitely a case for Kanye. Some of us have to learn (hence this site) but you can pick up tips and develop your own style just by viewing what works and what doesn’t for others.

He loves his premium designer labels – he used to call himself the “Louis Vuitton Don” and is probably Marc Jacobs (creative director at Louis Vuitton) biggest fan in the world. They have even teamed up to release a limited edition collection of Kanye inspired shoes and trainers. Kanye has his own clothing line in the works called Pastelle, and has teamed up with renowned British fashion designer Kim Jones in order to produce it. There is hype that the store will launch in late 2009 in Chicago and a lot of the fashion world are eager to see what he has produced – especially as he has actually sketched a lot of the line himself.

Finally before we show you some of the looks I should define what makes this man so great when it comes to fashion or style. His confidence (and maybe a little ego) is what really allows him to pull off any look – he wears beautiful pieces don’t get me wrong, but a lot of them are extravagant and bright bold colours that a lot of other’s wouldn’t dare to wear. Kanye ALWAYS has the attitude that he looks great and is a “style king”, which means he feels completely comfortable in any outfit no matter how outlandish it might be. Just having rock solid confidence will improve your style and overall presence two fold before you even start to learn the basics of fashion. You will give off a high value vibe which others definitely pick up on sub consciously – and if you have ever met a man who does this and can control a whole room with just his presence, you will know what I mean.

Kanye West Looks

Where the hell do you even start with this guy?! Honestly I looked through multiple sites and Google images and found so many great looks and such a wide variety of styles – he is a true chameleon who just wears what he wants to at any given time. He wears beautiful premium designer wear to create a lot of these looks but you don’t have to splash out extravagantly to pull off a similar vibe to him. Mix bold colours with on trend items to create a great fashion look. Also check out the contrast of casual and formal items thrown together – with items like bow ties and shirts mixed with jeans, trainers, and denim jackets.

Kanye West Looks

My favourite looks in the collection above? The more formal ones. Love the grey tweed jacket, it is a beautiful colour and works well with the clear lens glasses/sunglasses to give off the geek vibe. Also love the grey mac/overcoat in the bottom right picture and he has layered it up so well with another grey piece of knitwear and a white polo/shirt. Also love the photo in the top right which matches a very casual top half with smarter beige chinos.

Another thing you should take away would be how he accessorises and adds flair to every outfit. It might be a patterned scarf in a relaxed outfit, bow tie, gold jewellery or just amazing sunglasses or clear lens glasses. Each piece adds to the outfit without looking like over kill. Even in the bottom left picture he mixes a beautiful crisp white shirt with standard jeans and then adds some class with great gold chain, watch and gold rimmed sunglasses. We mentioned gold was back in for men this season a couple of months ago, but this is a great example of how to look great whilst doing it. For the black or dark skinned males out there, gold especially looks AMAZING against your skin tone, so don’t be afraid to splash out on it this season!

Kanye West Inspired Clothing

So where do we start with clothing that is inspired by Kanye West?!? Here are some great examples of items that are featured in the above photo. Look for extravagant bold colours and patterns for knitwear, great formal items, checks, denim and obviously great sunglasses!

Grey Printed Check Cardigan Pink V Neck Classic Knit

White Classic Fit Shirt Grey Giant Check Overcoat

Grey Brushed Cotton Stripe Detail Waistcoat Grey Wool Tweed Notch Collar Blazer

Black Soft Gloss Leather Gym Bag Beige Canvas Tarras Bag

Beige Slim Leg Kitt Chino Black Caravan Shape Sunglasses

Quilted Shirt Restoration L/s Shirt

Check Edward Bow Tie Cotton Frederick Bow Tie

Montana Scarf Check Tassel Scarf




There we go, a little preview that only just scratches the surface of what the man is about and how much style just oozes from him. A REAL style icon, just check the Internet for inspiration as it gave me so many looks to try. Tomorrow I will put together a look book based on one of his great outfits he has rocked recently.