Get a Professional Shave every time

Me and you will probably shave about 20,000 times in our lifetime (unless u have a beard or are lazy!). If every shave leaves you feeling like you’ve just hacked at your face with a cheese grater, it’s gonna be a long, painful ride and your not going to come out the other end looking your best right? A lot of men “think” they know how to shave, but they have normally been self taught or told by their elders. This was me too until I visited America recently and found out how the true professionals do it!

There is a famous chain of shaving professionals who run the Art Of Shaving Salons (Miami, New York and Vegas Baby) and I was lucky enough to go through the experience. Now after having a professional shave I would recommend every man get one at least once in their lifetime – I am sure there are places in the UK. You will learn first hand exactly what can be achieved with a sharp blade in a professional hand, and everything you have ever learned will go out the window. I was scared as hell the first few minutes, but it was easily the best shave I’ve ever had.

The Professional Steps to an amazing shave are:

  1. Prepare with the pre-shave oil to soften skin,
  2. Lather up with the shaving cream,
  3. The actual shave,
  4. Moisturise with aftershave balm/moisturiser.

Use High Quality Shaving Products

Buy high quality productsNow whichever products you use, always include each of these four steps above. Your face and skin will thank you in the end!

If you can, shave after, or even during (tricky to say the least), a hot shower, which will soften your hair and skin and open your pores. Apply a high quality preshave oil in order to allow that blade to glide across your face with little friction. Our two favourites: Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-shave Oil – £14.65 and American Crew Lubricating Shave Oil – £8.75. Apply shaving creams with a badger-hair brush, which lathers more evenly than your hands and lifts the hair, giving you a closer shave. Again our 2 favourite shaving creams are: Men-U Shave Creme – £9.20 and Anthony Logistics Shave Cream – £13.70.

Always shave in the direction of hair growth; we know it is tempting to go against the grain because you think it will end up closer but you’ll prevent razor burns, rashes, and ingrown hairs if you don’t. If you really think you need to get even closer, relather and then gently shave across the grain. It’s tricky, but it’s the only way to get that baby’s-bum smooth. Avoid alcohol-based aftershaves; they’ll just strip your skin like McCauley Culkin in Home Alone! Instead, follow up with a moisturiser. Two favorites: Anthony Logistics Astringent After Shave – £17.60 and Korres Marigold & Ginseng Aftershave Balm – 12.70. Treat nicks properly with a styptic pencil, like L’Occitane’s shaving stick. One quick dab and the bleeding’s done. Finally, remember that razors have a shelf life. After a good four shaves, it’s time to toss the blade (disposables obviously).

Now it’s time to change up your shaving routine, keep your skin looking great and buy quality products. I guarantee you will feel completely different if you just learn how to shave properly each morning/evening.