Not a good idea

After spending all Saturday night drinking much more than I should, I woke up Sunday (around 1pm no less!) feeling like crap and also looking like crap. I think this is a very natural occurrence for a lot of males, especially as you go into your mid twenties, and your body can’t quite take it as well as it used to! I haven’t wrote a grooming post for a while now so this is inspired by my morning after ritual and the products I think you should try out if you need a pick me up.

You might have an early morning meeting, or a date from the night before. Either way, you want to look your radiant best and not someone who literally just dragged their drunk ass out of bed an hour before! The key area to your whole face I think is your eyes. These are the focal point of your face during social interactions and show every emotion and signs of discomfort very quickly. If you have ever seen someone who has tired, puffy eyes, they look really unhealthy and you automatically assume they are tired/down/exhausted.

You can combat this quite easily with some key products in your grooming arsenal, and they can be used every day in order to keep you looking bright and sprightly at all times. I personally use certain eye creams and drops each morning as I think it helps wake you up and perk you up right from the start. It’s not a good idea to start sluggish any day whether you are at work or not.

Key ingredients to products that revitalise your skin and revive you are citrus fruits, mint and tea tree – which has natural healing properties. If you have ever experienced one of those original source mint/citrus shower gels, you will know exactly what I mean by feeling invigorated and “fresh” after. It is the perfect way to get you up in the morning that doesn’t involve espresso.

Here is my essential kit for revitalising you the morning after:
A good invigorating shower gel and hair wash. A stimulating face wash which gets the blood running back to your cheeks, an under eye cream which reduces puffiness and dark circles, and the optional and maybe controversial one… a concealer. Obviously I am not going to get into the ins and outs of whether men should wear makeup or not (because it’s a large topic for another day). But if you are open to the idea, there are a few men’s products now that can just be dabbed on in order to reduce the blemishes on your face and give you a healthier complexion. I’m not talking foundation, mascara and curling your eyelashes here, I mean just really small touch ups that are not noticeable and make you look your absolute possible best.

Anyway here are the best of the best…

Rescue Products

Shower gels
Both of these shower gels are so good for refreshing you each and every morning. Both really feel like they are stimulating your skin and wake your whole body up. There is no better way to start your day and I can thoroughly recommend them both. Molten brown make just quality products using fine ingredients and you can not go wrong normally with any of their range. Biotherm are also a great grooming brand and this shower gel is something else in terms of waking you up.

Re-Charge Black Pepper Body Wash Energising Shower Gel 200ml

Hair Wash
Both of these hair washes stimulate the scalp and make your hair feel great. They nourish right from the roots and will leave your whole head feeling clean and revitalised. This is the next step after your body wash.

Citrus Mint Refreshing Shampoo 250ml Recharge Conditioning Hair Wash 500ml

Face Wash
The Nickel face wash below is probably one of my favourite products ever. When you wash your face, you can feel it cleaning out your pores and it gives you a tingling feeling which really stimulates you into action. It is quite expensive, but lasts a long time and can just be used on those days you feel really bad and in need of an extreme pick up. The Lab Series face wash is also an amazing everyday product which really gives your face a good clean and scrub. Suitable for daily use, and again will last a long time.

Lendemain De Fete (Morning After Rescue Gel)75ml Multi-Action Face Wash (normal/dry skin) 100ml

Eye Repair
Eye creams and repair treatments are normally quite expensive, but they are so important to your overall look that it is recommended you invest in a good brand and product. The two below are easily the best I have ever used and have reduced my eye redness, puffiness and dark circles right down through continued use. Because it’s such a small area to treat, it means the products last a long time and so cost is not too bad overall. A quick trick to try is ice cubes placed directly on the skin just below the eye in the morning for a few minutes just to wake yourself up and get the blood stimulated. A really cheap (read: FREE) and simple trick that works wonders ;)! Other people like to use eye drops as well, which can really brighten up the pupils and get rid of the redness. Again, these can be bought from a local chemist like Boots.

Anti-Puffiness & Dark Circle Eye Care 15ml Total Eye Care SPF15 15ml

A good concealer will not be noticeable and is just used as a touch up to blemishes. Can be used just to cover up bags underneath the eye or the odd small spot on the face. Not for everyone, but can really make a difference to your overall look and does not make you Gay, a Puff, a P*ssy or any other derogatory mark someone can throw at you. If you apply it correctly using just a small amount then no one will notice and you can feel more confident in your overall appearance. An oral mint spray is also great for the night after where you might still smell like a brewery and masks unpleasant tastes. It is essential you always have good breath, there is no excuse or other option to this.

Clinique Skin Supplies for Men Retardex Oral Spray 8.3ml