The Hoody - Men's Fashion Essential

Today we are going to concentrate on a men’s fashion essential. The hoody has long been a massively popular casual item for nearly every male no matter what age, or what their own personal style is. It got a lot of bad press a few years back with the whole “hoody” gang culture over here in the UK, which I thought was personally ridiculous at the time. The media is so far off when they associate items of fashion with different classes and/or stereotypes – which in turn creates a real stigma surrounding the item in question. You may remember a few weeks back that I did a story saying how Burberry is only just recovering from the bad press the media gave to that brand and Stone Island with the whole football hooligan movement.

Hoodies went through a similar period where by any young male wearing one was instantly branded a “nuisance” and a trouble maker – I actually remember a period where people wearing a hoody were banned from my local shopping center… BANNED for wearing a hoody!!! Completely ridiculous and just shows exactly how the media can be used for all the wrong reasons to create unnecessary hysteria.

However this story is about how every male should have at least one hoody in their wardrobe. It is perfect for the summer or winter seasons because they can be thrown on or off easily as the weather changes and done up/left open depending on how hot you are. What makes the hoody so versatile in a fashion sense is how you can layer it up so many different ways – with t-shirts, vests, and even light knitwear underneath giving it a makeshift “jacket” feel or throwing on a great leather jacket, coat or even blazer over the top of a hoody giving good contrast between smart and casual looks. The hoody and jacket look is a definite favourite of David Beckham who I have included in the main picture above.

These days we aren’t limited in the hoodies we can buy either – as I have said before, men’s fashion is evolving and now we can get great examples of designer hoodies in a variety of materials like merino wool, cashmere, light cotton etc. Traditional hoodies have a zip from top to bottom, but we also have a massive variety of styles to choose from now with half zips, no zips, and even button up hoodies which have much more of a cardigan feel to it.

Just because it is seen as a casual item doesn’t mean you can slack off with the fit. As always make sure it fits perfectly and follows the lines of your body. When you zip up the item it should really fit like a great piece of knitwear – not loose and baggy. Also don’t feel confined to wearing the hoody in just casual laid back environments. You can easily throw a light hoody on and a blazer over the top, giving you a contemporary edge to a relaxed formal look.

With this in mind and with us being in the perfect transitional season where we can start to rock the hoody regularly I have put together a collection of new hoodies in a variety of styles, colours, prices and designers for you to have a look at.

The Hoody Collection

If you are buying for summer then stay away from the thick knits, dark colours and fleece type of materials, as they will only make you hot and end up staying in your wardrobe. Buy lightweight fabrics and go for the bold and bright statement colours as they look amazing in the sun and can be thrown on or off based on our unpredictable summer weather.

For the transitional season and right into autumn winter, you can pick up some thicker varieties and darker colour tones as they will look just better and better as we progress into winter. Also look for more detailing and graphic prints because they can really be worn as a focal point of an outfit in the winter. Like I said earlier, you can layer them up to form a makeshift jacket, meaning that extra detailing and prints provide some flair.

If you are going for a layering hoody then go for a fine merino knit or lightweight version in plain colours in order to add some contrast to your over coat or jacket without you being a mish mash of colours and styles.

Cover Hoodie Double Zip Hoodie

Base Hood Crew Step Hoodie

Purple Cashmere Hooded Knit Navy Hooded Fleece Sweat Jacket

Elvis Jesus Hoody Elvis Jesus Hoody

True Religion Hoody True Religion Hoody

Firetrap Major Firetrap Wheaton

G-Star Hoody Evisu Hoody

True Religion Hoody G-Star Hoody

Strap Hoodie Prime Merino Hoodie

Carhartt Hooded Zip Jacket Carhartt Hooded Zip Jacket