The Mac Look Book

With me giving you a heavy dose of the Mac earlier this week, I thought I better put my money where my mouth is and show you that they are a men’s fashion essential and can be worn in multiple ways to create different looks. So today we have a look book that is centered around some of the latest Mac’s and Trench coats to hit the market. I have took multiple varieties in different colours and styles in order to create 4 looks below that are all different in their own right. This will give you the ability to see exactly the type of Mac you are looking for, and hopefully what colour would suit your current clothing best.

For today’s looks we are going for an on trend casual look, a refined look which is relaxed, true formal wear and a fashion forward approach with a few little eccentric touches. Should hopefully be a good one and convince you that you need one of these great little jackets in your life. Get one now before the weather really turns nasty!

Here we go then…

Outfit 1 – On Trend
The first outfit we create with the Mac is bang on trend for this season. The Mac we have used this time is a great dark navy version available at Urban Outfitters by Lee. Good length and belted variety gives a great shape to the jacket when tied as shown on the model. We all know by now that checks, worker wear and military are all hot this year for Autumn/Winter so first we have the BOLD checked shirt in a great blue and black combination. I was going to go with red but I have used them in a lot of outfits recently and think using different shades of blue will keep the outfit coordinated and stream line whilst still providing great contrast between pieces. I would layer this shirt over a great new photo print/graphic tee by All Saints which is one of my favourites for the season. The black is my favourite colour way of this tee but white will give us more contrast again the blue shirt.

Keeping with the military and worker wear theme, I have used All Saints great chocolate military boots. We could of gone safe here and picked the black version but navy and brown coordinate beautifully and it also provides more of a focal point to the outfit in brown. Finish the whole thing off with a great washed pair of indigo jeans to play on the worker vibe (maybe even destroyed or ripped) but keep the colours similar to the navy mac so your whole look is sharper and the lines to the outfit cleaner. I polished it off with some edgy fingerless charcoal gloves that add a bit of flair but again pick up on the whole worker trend. A great casual outfit that is brought up a notch just using the Mac as a statement piece.

Lee Denzel Trench Twilight S/s Tee Denham Grain Lumber Check Shirt

Military Boot - Men Indigo Washed Slim Jeans Charcoal Fingerless Gloves

Outfit 2 – Refined but Relaxed
This was inspired by Topman’s latest trend. This time I have gone for a classic Mac in a stone colour, but you could also sub in beige if you want to make an even greater statement. We start off by coordinating this together with the skinny black jeans which will be an amazing contrast against the mac colour. Then add a great white smart casual shirt with roll up sleeves that tips more towards casual than formal. Clash this top half style with some amazing chunky hi-tops in white (massive trend this year) so that the top and bottom halves give off totally different vibes.

I have thrown on the tan belt by Paul Smith because I didn’t want to play it safe, and shades of beige, white, stone and tan will all coordinate without being too much of a colour clash – it is the same principle in mixing double denim and shades of colour. I finished it off with a great thick chunky scarf to wrap around and let fall down the length of the outfit. My first choice would be a white or beige colour, but a grey or charcoal would work just as well by linking the jeans colour throughout the whole outfit. You can see this outfit has clean lines and is sophisticated but just by adding the skinny jeans and chunky hi-tops, we have create a much more casual overall look.

ASOS Check Lined Mac White Cotton Twill Shirt Black Overdye Skinny Jean

Ramble Scarf Diesel Glamrock Leather Hi-Top Trainers Tan Jeans Belt

Outfit 3 – Relaxed Formal
I wanted to show that the Mac was versatile, so this time I have mixed a great double breasted grey mac with some great skinny chino trousers. These are actually in the SALE at ASOS for just £17 and are a bargain in my eyes! We keep the top half really coordinated and quite formal by matching this beautiful mac with a grey and white striped shirt (to keep the colour throughout) and also a great grey flat cap to bring out the country gentleman vibe. You could use a flat cap or baker boy hat in this instance and there are so many varieties to choose from, but I just loved this Ted Baker Duckbill hat.

To keep the whole country vibe flowing throughout the outfit and keep it congruent I went for a great tan brogue shoe by Paul Smith which has it’s roots in country and is a massive trend for the Autumn/Winter season. Tan will really come alive against the beige chinos we have selected, so it can really be a focal point to the whole ensemble. I threw on the tan man bag to coordinate the top and bottom half, but also to add a little bit of style.

Original Penguin Mac Grey And White Striped Shirt Ted Baker Tweed Paneled Duckbill Hat

ASOS Twisted Slim Fit Chino Tan Miller Washed Brogue Tan leather large messenger bag

Outfit 4 – Formal
This outfit is very formal and could be worn to work easily. I stayed away from just throwing the suit in here and putting the mac over the top, but that would definitely WORK, so do not be afraid to combine those 2 items. This time I wanted to utilise a black Mac so I picked an unbelted version by G-Star Raw. This means your suit would fit under nicely but also keeps a great line when mixed with other items. Due to the fact I picked a black mac, I did not want this to turn into a really dark look… so this time I used the grey skinny fit trousers in order to show great contrast between top and bottom half. The skinny fit also makes this more of a fashion forward formal approach.

The rest is just simple formal wear. The black skinny tie and white piped shirt combination will look smart and stylish in any situation, it’s just a fashion given. I then mixed in these amazing Paul Smith Chelsea boots because they are bang on trend and would look great with these colour combinations. The laptop leather bag is a great accessory for those professionals on the move that will keep your computer safe and also look like a quality luxury item.

G-Star Decoy Garber Trench White Contrast Piped Shirt Black Slim Tie

Grey Skinny Fit Trousers Black Chelsea Boot Black Triumph Laptop Bag

Eccentric Fashion forward
This last look I put together as an add on really. I loved the mac below because it came in a grey moleskin fabric and I think this is so original and looks like a real luxury item. Great for making a statement. In the image they have mixed it with a roll neck jumper which seems to be an item that is really coming on strong this Autumn/Winter so look for the report next week when I check to see who is doing what with them. I picked a similar beige colour funnel neck from All Saints that keeps the overall aura of class and wealth I think within the outfit. This is a slightly eccentric fashion forward approach as we are mixing some real extravagant fabrics within the whole outfit.

For the lower half I stuck with the skinny black jeans in order to provide the contrast with the knitwear and then added the suede boots to bring in another luxury item which is again really fashion forward and unusual. Tuck the jeans into these amazing boots for a killer look. Round it out with accessories… I picked a purple scarf which is used as a focal point when the jacket is buttoned right up and it is tied around the neck. Purple is an unusual colour that is not seen often enough, so if you managed to get hold of a sheer or velvet version I think you could pull off a really stylish but eccentric look… it just oozes confidence and style.

The purple colour matches well against the grey mac and black jeans to provide a splash of bold colour. You could use any colour scarf really as long as it still contrasts well with the beige and doesn’t clash. I also threw on the slip on gloves by All Saints as the grey tones of the mac and gloves will look great, whilst they are again an edgy and unusual cut as far as gloves go. This is a really stylish outfit with eccentric touches all the way through – if you wear it with confidence and pride then I think you will look like no-one else around you and also come across as a man who just knows what works in fashion and is not afraid to stand out.

Holland Esquire Double Breasted Moleskin Mac Dual Funnel Ted Baker Thick Tonal Stripe Scarf

Neosens Cotton Club Suede Boots Black Overdye Skinny Jean All Saints Gloves