The Mac - Men's Fashion Essential

EDITOR UPDATE/NOTE: I Have just realised I touched on this subject in the previews for the Autumn/Winter season and so apologise, but back then there was not as much selection as there is right now mid-way through the season. Plus with the weather turning and me rocking mine right the way through the weekend, it inspired me. Back then I said it was an essential for Autumn/Winter but this article really points out it is just an ESSENTIAL item for any man and any season. It is going to be part of a series I do of items that should be the foundations of any great wardrobe. Thanks, Ben.

With the weather well and truly turned now and the nights getting darker every single day… pitch black at 6pm!? It seems that we are well into the Autumn season now and we will soon be hitting winter. It is time to grab your statement jackets now and really work some great stand out looks that are both stylish AND practical. You don’t just wear a coat to look good, you do actually need it to keep you dry as well… especially in the UK!

The Mac has fast become one of my favourite types of jacket since I picked up my first last year and never looked back. They are practical, as they are very water resistant and a lot of them are even water proof if the fabric is treated or coated. They are also generally VERY lightweight, which means they are great to just throw on top of any layering you are doing. They can go over full suits, hoodies, knitwear, shirts or tees and still look great.

With all that practicality you might assume that there cannot be anyway that it is also stylish and fashionable – I mean things are meant to just look good and not really perform aren’t they? Well you couldn’t be more wrong because around 3 years ago the mac really came back as an essential item for every stylish male to have in their wardrobe. Behind big designer’s like Burberry, Stone Island and the like it made a comeback on the runways and was taken up massively by the high street as well.

The reason I am particularly fond of the Mac is because of it’s versatility. It can mix well with formal items as it has clean lines, sharp detailing and can give off a very formal look when buttoned up and mixed with trousers, shirts or a suit. It can also be dressed down so easily by matching it with jeans, hi-tops, graphics tees, knitwear and other casual items when it is left open or just belted through the middle. The great thing about mixing a mac with casual items is that it raises your outfit a notch just by throwing it on over the top due to the formal and chic appearance of the item.

This is why I call the Mac an “essential”. In fashion there are items that can be worn in pretty much any situation and will mix with any look. I know I can mix this Mac with formal wear, add geek specs and bow tie to pull off geek chic, or mix it will military boots and a sharp shirt to pull off a military look. This versatility and also the fact that it is a timeless item that will never go out of style means that it is just a great investment piece for your wardrobe. These types of items should be the basis for building a great fashion wardrobe, before you dabble in all the latest trends that pass with each and every season. You will never regret spending your hard earned money on something you will get so much use out of each and every year.

There are generally two types of mac/trench these days, the cropped version and long overcoat. I LOVE the belted versions that can be found as they can be buttoned right up and belted for a formal look… or as mentioned above, just loosely tied around the waist which gives off a much more relaxed vibe. Belted versions also give you a much more fitted silhouette which has much more of a fashion look to them when worn.

Below I have showcased some of the best macs available this season from a variety of shops and brands. Look for timeless colours such as blacks, greys and even camel/beige because they will look great season after season and you will really get your money’s worth with continued use. Do not be afraid to invest in great statement jackets because in the long run you will get much more use out of them than that new trend t-shirt you have your eye on.

This Season’s Macs


Black Wool Mix Trench Coat Khaki Belted Trench Coat VILLAGE GREEN JIMMY MAC

Black Cropped Military Jacket BLACK CROPPED TRENCH COAT Black Single Breasted Mac


Reiss Wellborough Double Breasted Mac G-Star NY Raw Rock Trench Jacket Holland Esquire Double Breasted Wool Check Mac

Holland Esquire Double Breasted Moleskin Mac Reiss Portland Double Breasted Mac Full Circle Keon Double Breasted Mac

Ben Sherman Cooper Twill Trench Coat Villain Luca Trench Coat Junk De Luxe Check Mac


Grey Tweed Brighton Mac Coat Blue Cotton Twill Hooded Mac Stone Pac A Mac Trench Coat

Navy Trench Coat Black Cotton Twill Drunk Trench Navy Pac A Mac Trench Coat

Urban Outfitters

Lee Denzel Trench Junk De Luxe Hadley Coat G-Star Decoy Garber Trench

High Fashion/Budget at Oki-Ni

Martin Margiela Coat Haversack Jacket Jil Sander Nottingham Show Jacket