The New Graphic Trend - Photo Print Clothing

I have been noticing a subtle new trend over the last few weeks emerging around the high street especially… photo print clothing. As you are probably aware, the graphic tee has become some what of a style staple for the modern man – it provides flair and is the basis of many casual outfits. Matched with jeans, hi-tops and with a great jacket or thick knitwear piece over the top – it is a simple but very effective look for everyday wear.

The graphic tee by standard is just made up using computer generated graphics to create an interesting print on the front and/or back. This new trend I find a lot more interesting as the clothing has been created by printing life like photos on to garments for a twist on the traditional graphic style. I have seen examples of t-shirts, polo’s and jumpers within my local fashion stores this weekend so I am hoping to find some good examples online today as well.

The way to wear these is no different to the standard graphic items you would have in your wardrobe already. They truly are such a versatile item that can be incorporated into most different types of looks and styles. Over the last few weeks we created look books that have matched graphic tees with check shirts, blazers, worker boots, Chelsea boots, leather jackets as well as putting them in military, casual and country inspired outfits. This shows just how essential graphic t-shirts are to have in your wardrobe and they can be called on to provide creative layering what ever the situation.

So today take a look below as some new trend photo print graphic clothing pieces and consider adding them to your wardrobe for a twist on such an essential piece.

Photo print Clothing

Not as much choice online in comparison to my local independents, but there definitely are some great examples to choose from still. I think the trend will become slightly underground but keep a look out each week for the new stuff released online because I think there will be some great new photo prints available for Autumn/Winter. Subtle twists on traditional trends are my favourites because it sets you apart from the crowd without being over the top. I particularly love the All Saints t-shirt below left and the Stones T-shirt from Topman for mixing with a leather jacket.

Yanky Reg Tee Others Theocratics Tee Five Photo S/slv

Two Bucks Skaterboy T-Shirt Grey Beach Photo Sweatshirt Rolling Stones T-Shirt

Religion White Mask Girl T-Shirt Fly 53 White Mugshots T-Shirt Two Bucks Internet Date Tee

Over The Stripes TVsion Women T-Shirt Electronic Poet Capped Sleeve Printed Pymca Girl T-shirt Over The Stripes Beck T-Shirt

Blood Is The New Black Annie Hollywood Tee Stussy Naar Graffiti Kids Tee Che Cigar Tee